2015 key figures

  Summer birch woods

picto_globe  Leading global producer of cellulose acetate tow for cigarette filters.   
Number one in the CIS and South America; number two in Western Europe.  
Leading supplier of cellulose acetate flakes to various industries.

picto_sales  Net sales: €542 million

picto_site  5 industrial sites

Main markets

Cigarette-filter manufacturers, textile industry, plastic packaging. Acetow has signed a license to manufacture and market Accoya®, based on acetylation technology. Accoya® wood is is a long-standing, non-toxic modified wood, sourced from sustainable FSC certified wood.

Leading supplier

Acetow is a reference partner for cigarette filter producers and a leading supplier of cellulose acetate flakes to the manufacturing sector. 

All products are produced from wood pulp, sourced from renewable and carefully managed forest. The key product of Acetow is Rhodia® Filter Tow, available in a wide range of technical specifications to cover all designs of filters for cigarettes: standard, super slim and micro slim filters but also filters for roll-your-own, make-your-own, cigarillos or capsule and additives filters. With its innovative product offer, Acetow is a leading producer  for new filter designs and filtration options:

  • Rhodia Coloured Tow™, a new range of coloured filter tow, specifically designed for markets where differentiation is key
  • Rhodia DE-Tow™, a cellulose acetate tow solution with improved degradation performance that significantly accelerates the process of decomposition compared to standard cellulose acetate tow
  • Rhodia FilterSorb™, an advanced filtration solution for a cleaner smoking experience
  • Rhodia® Micro Tow, a special filter tow for the production of lowest filter diameter

Accoya® wood is a long-standing, non-toxic modified wood, sourced from sustainable FSC certified wood. Accoya® wood matches or exceeds the durability and dimensional stability of the best tropical hardwoods as well as other treated and modified woods. It is a high-performance wood, ideal for outdoor use and challenging applications.