Eco Services

2013 key figures

  Eco Services Baton Rouge plant

picto_globe  Number 1 in sulfuric acid regeneration in the United States

picto_sales  Net sales: EUR 288 million

picto_site  7 industrial sites

Main markets

Refineries, chemicals manufacturing, and other industrial applications.

A reference partner for the US industrial clients

Eco Services is the leading player in sulfuric acid regeneration in the United States. The GBU works with major refineries on the West Coast and in the Midwest, the Gulf of Mexico and Canada. It also provides virgin sulfuric acid to US major industrial clients. Eco Services’ performance is based on the reliability and quality of its service, its operating efficiency and its logistics expertise. 

In line with the Group’s sustainable development commitments, Eco Services was in 2007 the first sulfuric acid producer to sign an agreement with the United States Environmental Protection Agency to reduce its environmental footprint. In early 2014 it attained its goal, reducing its total sulfur dioxide emissions by more than 90%.