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Reducing energy consumption

Solvay Energy Services (SES) delivers a tailor-made integrated service designed to improve energy performance and reduce the COfootprint both for the Solvay Group and for energy-intensive third-party industrial clients. It includes energy sourcing, energy efficiency, price risk management, and operation of cogeneration plants. In 2013, SES launched with CDC Climat and Marubeni a joint-venture to finance energy efficiency projects in the Euro zone. The first investment by this joint venture was made at Solvay’s Rare Earth plant in La Rochelle (France).

Anticipating future trends in the energy market, SES is also actively developing clean technologies to promote innovative alternative energy sources. In 2014,SES pioneered industrial-scale production of torrefied biomass in Quitman (United States), through Solvay Biomass Energy (, a joint-venture between SES and New Biomass Energy.