Polyamide and Intermediates

2013 key figures

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picto_globe  A leading world producer of polyamide 6-6 and adipic acid


Figures of Polyamide cluster*

picto_sales  Net sales: EUR 1, 557 million 

picto_site  16 industrial Sites 

* Polyamide cluster 2013 key figures. Polyamide cluster gathers Polyamide & Intermediates, Engineering Plastics, Fibras.

Main markets

Automotive, industrial equipment, construction, electrical and electronic components, and ready-to-wear.

Operational excellence and competitiveness

Polyamide & Intermediates (P&I) supplies a wide variety of markets including engineering plastics, textiles, industrial fibers and yarns, varnishes and adhesives, and leather processing. In 2013, the GBU started a program of business excellence and improving the flexibility of its industrial tools. P&I has also invested in optimizing the energy efficiency of its adipic acid production chain at Chalampé (France), which will significantly reduce energy costs.
To achieve its objective of profitable growth, the GBU is looking to its mastery of its production process, to its added- value specialties, and to the launch of new polymers and molecules.