Rare Earth Systems

2013 key figures

  Rare Earth Systems

picto_globe  World’s number one supplier of specialty rare earth formulations, with a global market share of over 25% 

picto_sales  Net sales: EUR 298 million

picto_site  5 industrial sites

Main markets

Catalytic converters, energy saving light bulbs, and high value-added industries (including flat screens and precision optics).

A unique expertise

Rare earths is the generic term for 17 natural non-ferrous elements present as ores in the earth’s crust. These are particularly prized for their exceptional catalytic, magnetic, luminescent or abrasive qualities. 

Rare Earth Systems possesses unique technological expertise in the separation and processing of rare earths. Its products contribute to many innovations in use in everyday life, compact fluorescent light bulbs, LCD TV screens, semiconductors and capacitors for laptops and tablets, medical equipment, etc. 

With its industrial know-how, global presence and R&I proximity, Rare Earth Systems has affirmed itself as a strategic partner for the automotive catalysis, electronics and phosphor powders recycling markets. The GBU is the leading global supplier to the automotive industry of additives for particulate filters and mixed oxides for catalysts. 

Also the leading world producer of cerium-based abrasives for semiconductors, the GBU strengthened its position in 2013 by launching Zenus®, a high precision colloidal cerium oxide abrasive.

Since 2012, Rare Earth Systems has been developing a technology for recycling the luminescent powders contained in fluorescent lamps. This process helps preserve rare earth resources and ensure reliable supplies of terbium to the European market.