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Young shoots in test tubes

Pioneering the road to sustainable business

Sustainability has been driving Solvay’s strategy for a long time, as the Group knows that more sustainable business not only means better business, but higher growth. The key is to truthfully evaluate a product’s sustainability…

By Dominique Debecker
Deputy Chief Sustainability Officer

Move over, metal: introducing polymers for dental applications

The applications and advantages of polymers are so plentiful you can practically pick a domain and find an innovative use for them. Dentistry is one such new domain where Solvay is in the process of revolutionizing dental prosthetics with Ultaire™ AKP, a new high-performance polymer.

By Shawn Shorrock
Global Director at Solvay Dental 360

Smaller & smarter: unveiling the chemical plant of the future

Everyone today aims to apply smart industrial solutions that cut down on carbon emissions while enhancing safety. By building one of the world’s smallest hydrogen peroxide plant in Brazil, Solvay has achieved just that.

By Paul Deschrijver
Projects Manager Peroxides
Capital Market Day 2016

Sharing our vision for the future

At Solvay’s Capital Markets Day (CMD) at the end of September 2016, we were able to share our progress towards this vision with the financial markets, and unveil our new objectives for the three years to 2018.

By Maria Alcon Hidalgo
Group Treasurer and Insurance Director and leader of Capital Market Day event
clamecy team

Creating career opportunities for the disabled

In March this year, a company which employs disabled workers became responsible for the packaging of Rhodiastab®,a product which gives PVC products their durability.

Pierre Blanquart
By Pierre Blanquart
Clamecy Plant Manager
The SI2, Bertrand Piccard & André Borschberg in Seville, Spain

Proving clean technologies can achieve amazing results

As it continues its round-the-world journey, Solar Impulse 2 is still amazing us with its achievements. But this journey has only been possible thanks to the advanced lightweight materials and solutions onboard.

  Claude Michel
By Claude Michel
Head of the Solvay Solar Impulse Partnership
Green Packaging

Green packaging initiatives reduce carbon footprint

The Solvay Packaging Purchasing team has implemented a series of initiatives with significant benefits for the Group. The actions reduced our CO2 footprint in the EMEA region by over 3,500 tonnes last year.

Anne Perazio
By Anne Perazio
EMEA Purchasing Manager Packaging & RM Distribution