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  Solvay Ospiate

Delivering value all along the manufacturing chain: from the arrival of raw materials to the delivery of finished products.

Shanghai in China, Paulinia / São Paulo in Brazil, Fribourg in Germany, Brussels in Belgium or Lyon in France: employees from Solvay’s industrial family, located at production sites around the world, work in different positions, for example :

  • Production: constant improvement in the performance and competitiveness of our production units in terms of costs, output, use of equipment, maintenance, technical assistance, quality, inventory management, delivery and service
  • Engineering: design, build, and start up of new production units around the world and enhancement of the competitiveness of existing processes and plant
  • Health-Safety-Environment: safety in the workplace, process safety, protection of the environment and of the health of all individuals in contact with our products

Manufacturing requires a high level of performance. Our engineers, open to the latest techniques, have either a chemical or general engineering background.


Production Engineer

Your missions:  
  • Manage a production unit on an industrial site
  • Focus on continuous progress by optimizing deadlines, quality, productivity and manufacturing costs
  • Take part in improvement programs (including Six Sigma and World Class Manufacturing)
  • Ensure that the production complies with HSE requirements
  • Manage a team, ensuring the development of everyone’s professional skills

Your academic background:
  • Generalist or specialist school of engineering in chemistry or chemical engineering, with initial experience in industry

Maintenance Engineer

Your missions: 
  • Manage the maintenance of installations in compliance with the requirements of Quality, Health, Safety, and the Environment and budgetary constraints
  • Adapt maintenance organization and processes in order to optimize the costs and quality of maintenance operations
  • Help to resolve major technical problems, submit technical progress plans and provide a technological intelligence
  • Manage sub-contracting work while guaranteeing the application of safety rules

Your academic background:
  • Generalist or specialist school of engineering in chemistry

Process Engineer on an industrial site

Your missions: 
  • Monitor the performance of one or several production units (output, plant efficiency, modeling, material and energy reports) within a technical assistance team assigned to production
  • Recommend and introduce new operating conditions (production unit improvement and capacity extension studies, proportioning of new plant, choice of equipment, monitoring of installation and start-up)

Your academic background:
  • School of chemical engineering or process engineering, with initial industrial experience

Engineer specializing in process engineering

Your missions: 
  • Work on capital spending projects for the creation of new production units or for the improvement of existing facilities
  • Design and create industrial installations that have been optimized in terms of safety, costs and deadlines
  • Take part in the different phases of the project
  • Monitor the completion of the unit, prepare its start-up and play an active role in the process

Your academic background:
  • School of chemical engineering or process engineering

Site Health, Safety & Environment Engineer

Your missions: 
  • Supervise, direct and coordinate HSE activities
  • Appraise and manage environmental risk in order to guarantee personnel safety, occupational health and environmental protection
  • Monitor all HSE incidents and indicators
  • Raise employee awareness to ensure that HSE measures are applied at every level of the organization
  • Act as a link in dealings with the public authorities and official bodies in matters related to HSE

Your academic background:
  • School of engineering (specialized or non-specialized)/university, with initial industrial experience