Long Fiber Compounds

Solvay continues the high standards established by the former EPIC Polymers product line, tailoring engineering plastics to specific applications to achieve maximum synergy between design, function and cost.

Solvay's Long Fiber Compounds are an innovative line of thermoplastics based on a novel long fiber technology. These materials achieve extremely high mechanical and thermal properties, in combination with ease of processing and fast cycle times. 

High mechanical performance is achieved through the long glass fiber network that is formed during injection molding. This glass fiber network ensures an optimal transfer of forces from the polymer matrix the reinforcing fibers.

Key advantages:

  • High strength, stiffness and impact strength at high temperatures
  • Excellent creep resistance and fatigue resistance
  • Isotropic mechanical properties and reduced isotropic shrinkage
  • High shear strength and high burst pressure
  • Excellent surface finish

Technical Data Sheets
Amodel® PPA
Amodel® LF-1930 HS NT-9Amodel® LF-1630 L NT-7
Amodel® LF-1950 HS NT-9Amodel® LF-1930 FW HS BK545-8
Omnix® HPPA
Omnix® LF-4050 BK 000Omnix® LF-4060 BK 000
Strator® PA 66
Strator® A-3 XCStrator® A-4
Strator® A-5Strator® C-4
Strator® C-6 

Specialty Compounds

Tribocomp® Friction & Wear Compounds

Innovative Technology – Spectacular Results

Plastics are increasingly used to replace metal for moving parts like gears, bearings, sliders and guides because they are cost efficient, reduce noise and often do not need external lubrication. Solvay offers a range of innovative tribological compounds, including special grades for gears, highly loaded gears and bearing grades under the trade name Tribocomp®.

Tribocomp® offers many advantages over metals:

  • Significantly lower manufacturing cost
  • Lighter weight reduces power loss through the transmission
  • Greatly reduced noise levels
  • Elimination of grease

Solvay offers a variety of friction & wear grades for many specific application requirements. Please contact us for more information.

StarTherm® E Conductive Compounds

 StarTherm® E C 3XC N9 – Defined Electrical Conductivity

Our electrically conductive thermoplastics were developed specifically for applications where electrostatic discharge can cause problems. By using specific electrically conductive additives, the StarTherm® E C 3XC N9 offers defined electrical conductivity, thereby avoiding the buildup of electrostatic charges.