solvene® EAP

Electro Active Polymers

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Solvene® EAP is a family of ferroelectric polymers and ferrorelaxor polymers which combines excellent electro mechanical properties with easy processing.

Solvene® 200 and solvene® 250 P(VDF-TrFE) copolymers are inherently piezo-, pyro- and ferroelectric, enabling applications such as printed memories, sensors, actuators, loudspeaker, acoustic transducers, energy harvesting devices.

Solvene® T P(VDF-TrFE-VTFE) terpolymer is a ferrorelaxor polymer which has a high dielectric constant. It is ideal for high strain actuators with low applied voltages.

Key Features

Solvene® copolymers:

  • Transparent
  • D33 > = -22pC/N
  • Curie Temperature: up to 131 °C

Solvene® T terpolymers:

  • Transparent
  • Dielectric constant k @1 KHz, 23 °C, > 25
  • Breakdown voltage > 450 V/µm


Solvene® materials can be processed by applying various techniques, from classic extrusion to different printing techniques on various substrates which include flexible plastic films or paper.

Solvene® polymers are available in powder form or as ready-to-process formulations.

Typical Properties

Key Characteristics
solvene® 200solvene® 250solvene® T
Melting point [°C]145145128
Curie peak [°C]13111515
ε [25°C]1414>25
d33 at 110Hz [pC/N]-23-23n.a.