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150 years of commitment to science, and counting…

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From the prestigious conferences initiated in the early 20th century to today’s Chemistry for the Future Prize, Solvay has always maintained a tradition of encouraging the advancement of scientific research. For the love of science, but also out of a long-standing sense of collaborative intelligence.


Summer’s here: five unexpected things sodium bicarbonate can do for you


Surely you’re familiar with sodium bicarbonate, that good old, all-purpose product for cooking and cleaning. But its applications are so diverse we’re pretty confident we can surprise you with a few uses you didn’t suspect, especially with regards to summer activities.


Collaborative intelligence to shape the future of mobility

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Every 3 years, a wide scope of companies from around the world gather at Movin’On to discuss the future of mobility. It’s a unique occasion to exchange with partners and customers and come up with new ideas and solutions in a new, collaborative way - and Solvay is an important part of it all.


Granting social dialogue its key role in corporate success

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When Solvay signs an agreement to guarantee its employees’ social rights worldwide, it isn’t about putting on a friendly corporate face. Rather, it’s additional proof of the Group’s ongoing commitment to openness and transparency when it comes to social dialogue, a key element in Solvay’s transformation journey.


Pioneering the road to sustainable business


Sustainability has been driving Solvay’s strategy for a long time, as the Group knows that more sustainable business not only means better business, but higher growth. The key is to truthfully evaluate a product’s sustainability…