Enhancing our employees' well-being

  Pratish Koparkar, Head of Human Resources, Roha site (Mumbai), India Click to enlarge
"In 2013 Solvay signed a Corporate and Social Responsibility global agreement with IndustriALL Global Union. This includes an annual assessment, by this global union, of the extent to which we meet our commitments. This agreement is a mainstay of Solvay Way, our CSR approach. We are very happy that India was chosen to host the first annual assessment mission. Being gauged by external observers encourages us to be constantly improving our safety and our skills development.

As the employee representative it was my privilege to accompany the observers during the visits to the Panoli, Roha and Rasai sites.  The union representatives were interested in how we go about our business and in particular our respect of CSR standards. They interviewed the site managers on their practices, with a particular focus on human resources and safety. They also dialogued freely with employees on working conditions and their professional development. They told us they were impressed by the quality of the industrial management of the sites, and that for them the Roha site is a benchmark for both employee participation in deploying Solvay Way and the vitality of the social dialogue. 

The teams retain a very positive perception of this mission. This is an additional lever for exceeding the Solvay Way targets. "
"Assessment by external observers moves us forward in our CSR practices."
Pratish Koparkar, Head of Human Resources, Roha site (Mumbai), India