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Capterall®, a Solar Impulse efficient solution for treating and recycling wastewater

With only 2.5% of water on earth being freshwater, most of which is difficult to access, water is an increasingly scarce and valuable resource. Efforts to conserve and recycle water are taking on greater urgency, along with the need to treat and reuse industrial and urban wastewaters and preserve the environment. For these reasons, industrial sites and urban water operators are facing stricter regulatory and societal pressure to reduce levels of pollutants such as metals, pharmaceuticals and other micropollutants in wastewater in Europe, North America and Asia.

For this purpose Solvay created and offers an unique solution to reduce water pollution content. The Capterall® solution comprises products (adsorbents), process and services and is safe-to-use, cost-effective, and easy-to-deploy. Our adsorbents’ main benefit is to reduce plants' freshwater consumption by allowing its reuse for other purposes (e.g., dilution, backwash..). And that’s why it was labelled a Solar Impulse Efficient Solution in December 2019. 



A solution to get rid of pollutants from wastewater

Capterall® solution enables the capture of a large variety of pollutants from wastewater, offering a good way for our customers  to be compliant with current and future environmental regulations.  The process treats polluted water with a non-toxic, mineral-based product. It’s an absorbent that is injected in water, and pollutants are securely trapped through specific mechanisms and not released anymore. Capterall® product formulations guarantee a reliable finishing step and can be integrated in an already-existing water treatment unit or a dedicated one, depending on customer needs. The system is based on a simple reactor + decanter installation, easy to operate and as an option, remotely controlled. 

Capterall® solutions target applications involving a mix of contaminants, which is an advantage over selective systems. Today, Solvay offers various Capterall® products and mixtures for main industrial and urban water treatment applications; they capture both metals and some organic molecules like the newly regulated PAH (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons) and EASs (Endocrine Active Substances, Pharmaceuticals..).



Get the product

“What we offer is chemical and process expertise,” says Alain Bruha, Solvay Soda Ash & Derivatives Business Development Manager. “We are customer-obsessed and always try to go beyond the usual supplier/buyer relationship. From first contact, we can already assess through feasibility studies the potential of our solutions to answer their needs and offer onsite trials managed by our team of experts, in close collaboration with the customer. This testing phase is essential to successfully refine/optimise process parameters and define industrial implementation.”

A recent customer success story confirms this. “After looking at a number of options, it was clear to us that Capterall® was the best technology for our needs in terms of technical performance, economics and environmental sustainability,” says Andrea Vittone, Site Manager, INEOS Olefins & Polymers South. “The technology is straightforward, environmentally sound and saves us money. And, importantly, the collaboration with Solvay technicians was excellent, especially in the startup phase of the plant.”

What we offer is chemical and process expertise. We are customer obsessed and always try to go beyond the usual supplier/buyer relation.

Alain Bruha, Solvay Soda Ash & Derivatives Business Development Manager

Opting for a lower environmental footprint

A Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) assessment has been made on Capterall® solution highlighting its strengths in terms of environmental footprint and health in comparison with other commercial organic products. This demonstrates the commitment of Solvay to address this societal challenge, and to align with our corporate social responsibility (CSR).

“The environment is a reality, the water is our most valuable asset and we need to increase awareness of companies that for compliance, the Capterall® solution is a worthwhile and long-term option,” says Alain. “We can help them reduce the overall cost of operation by up to 20% a year by reducing the number of chemicals used, the maintenance of the plants, and reusing water. Plus, the mineral-based formulations pose no danger to operators and the environment, since no by-product is released. So it’s safe and actually saves them money, and our customers are taking advantage of these benefits.”