Solvay among top ten manufacturers in the US with most solar capacity installed

U.S. businesses are increasingly turning to solar energy as a cost-effective means of powering their operations. As of 2018, Solvay ranked 9th in the country with the most solar capacity installed, according to a report put together by the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA).  Solvay is the only manufacturing company to make the top 10 list, which includes companies such as Apple, Amazon and Target.

Solvay’s top ranking spot is a result of its agreement with a solar farm in Jasper County, S.C., which began operations last year. This 900-acre, 71-megawatt facility has more than 250,000 solar panels that cover an area equivalent to 500 football (soccer) fields and provides enough power for 15,000 households – or 164,000 MWh a year, offsetting approximately 80,000 tons of CO2 emissions. Solvay agreed to buy all of the renewable energy certificates (RECs) produced by the farm, which is owned by Dominion Resources, Inc., for 15 years.


We take clean energy seriously

While companies decide on solar for many reasons, the number of companies committed to reducing
their carbon footprint continues to increase. As one of those companies, Solvay takes clean energy seriously and is committed to further reducing its CO2 footprint globally. Specifically in the US, Solvay is following a roadmap to expand the solar program from the current levels reported by SEIA to much higher levels of solar and other renewable resources. 

Here are but a few examples:


Solar means business and Solvay is leading the way on solar adoption.


What is the SEIA?

SEIA is the national trade association for solar power in the U.S. This is their seventh annual report, which tracks more than 7,000 megawatts (MW) of installed solar capacity across 35,000 projects in 43 states, representing more than 70% of all commercial solar capacity installed in the U.S.  For the first time, the 2018 report captures large off-site installations, as well as data on solar systems located at the site of the businesses themselves. Overall the U.S. solar industry has grown an average of 50% a year over the past decade.