Transport transformation: electric scooters & urban mobility

  Bud-e Electrical Scooter Click to enlarge

Facing increasing congestion in city centers, urban mobility is in need of transformation. The challenge is not just to find something that is eco-friendly and easy to use but also adaptable to individual needs and can be shared between users. These challenges can be addressed in many ways… the new electric scooter borne out of collaboration between Solvay and new urban mobility company Kleefer is just one of the possible answers. 

A perfect partnership

Kleefer had the design for an electric scooter with a unique folding system, but needed assistance sourcing some of the materials and producing prototypes quickly. When they heard about our Sinterline™ Technyl® Powders and Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) technologies, they contacted us.

The synergies were obvious – we offered advice, technology, and products, and Kleefer applied them to an innovative environmentally friendly product. This fit in perfectly with both companies’ goals for more sustainable transport solutions. 

The result? The Bud-e.


Working together

The streamlined parts of the scooter are made using the industry’s first glass-filled polyamide 6 powder for SLS from our Sinterline™ Technyl® range of materials. The technology delivers fully functional parts while offering greater design freedom as well as significant weight and cost savings over competing aluminium. 
Kleefer wanted a handle bar for the Bud-e which needed to support up to 100kg in weight while remaining as compact as possible. We were able to meet their specifications and produce this with polyamide 6 reinforced SLS powders. In addition to this we realized another four parts using Sinterline™, including wheel arches at the front and rear of the scooter and the front cover that is used to hide the structure and scooter battery.

With Solvay onboard, it took just 15 days to change the drawing of a part that needed to be reinforced and test it on a prototype, while our process meant parts and molds were optimized for Kleefer’s specific needs. 

Kleefer has been collaborating with Solvay since its inception two years ago and the partnership not only improves our products but our visibility as a young start-up next to a historic leader such as Solvay. – Antoine Cirier, Kleefer General Manager

Solvay and sustainable mobility

We feel very passionate about sustainable mobility and are happy to be able to do something about it. This November, we are sponsoring Challenge Bibendum, which will bring together business professionals, political leaders, NGOs, academics, and experts collaborating to actively foster a better life through sustainable mobility. 

In the future we hope to apply other technologies to urban mobility such as silica that increases tire efficiency with rolling low resistance and less CO2 emissions or lithium salt (LITFSi) and Solef® PVDF for better batteries.

Kleefer aims to develop other “personal transporter” prototypes in the future and we hope to get more people moving in a fun and eco-friendly way soon!