Helmets for Kids: tackling traffic accidents in Thailand

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As motorcycles zip along the streets of Thailand, road traffic accidents have continued to be of high concern, especially in areas around schools. So we thought, why not have a project that can raise awareness and help reduce road casualties in local communities – and why not teach the next generation about prevention? Enter “Helmets for Kids,” a project of Siam Solvay Foundation that’s now on its second year.

In 2010, there were 26,312 reported road fatalities in Thailand*.

As any educator knows, teaching kids and maintaining their attention span can be quite a challenge, even more so if you’re dealing with a topic like road and traffic safety. Although our program aims to educate the youth about traffic rules and traffic discipline, we wanted to find a way to keep them engaged. So we integrated several education activities, including a talk from a local policeman on traffic rules, a painting contest, and the distribution of more than 250 crash helmets to the youth, their teachers, and community volunteers.
“Our school has taught children from kindergarten level up to Grade 12. Most of our students go to school by motorcycles. The road to our school is quite winding. Aware of road-accident risks, we find an urgent need to prevent road accidents that otherwise could happen to our students,” shares Mr. Praterng Sungkaew, Principal of the Baan Khao Huay Mahad School.

Last year, the Siam Solvay Foundation began the program at the Wat Prachum Mitr Bumrung school in the Rayong province where Solvay is established. Following the activities, we noticed that the youth had a greater awareness of the need to wear crash helmets and they raised this point with their parents and relatives. 

We are happy to see that the program is making a difference. One of the students from the Baan Khao Huay Mahad School said, “I will apply the knowledge I’ve got today to my everyday life. I will also share this knowledge with my parents and my family in the hope of preventing road casualties. When we do this together, we will have a happy life.”