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bad-wimpfen 200 years

From Salt to Solar: How to stay healthy for 200 years

Solvay’s Bad Wimpfen site has just blown out 200 candles on ein gross birthday Kuchen and it’s still (very much) alive and kicking. The 300 employees of the German plant have even recently contributed to one of the world’s most cutting-edge adventures, as their products were on board Solar Impulse, the plane that flew around the globe without a single drop of fuel.

Valter Sanches, IndustriALL General Secretary and Jean-Pierre Clamadieu, CEO de Solvay

Granting social dialogue its key role in corporate success

When Solvay signs an agreement to guarantee its employees’ social rights worldwide, it isn’t about putting on a friendly corporate face. Rather, it’s additional proof of the Group’s ongoing commitment to openness and transparency when it comes to social dialogue, a key element in Solvay’s transformation journey.

By Jean-Christophe Sciberras
Solvay’s head of industrial relations
Young shoots in test tubes

Pioneering the road to sustainable business

Sustainability has been driving Solvay’s strategy for a long time, as the Group knows that more sustainable business not only means better business, but higher growth. The key is to truthfully evaluate a product’s sustainability…

By Dominique Debecker
Deputy Chief Sustainability Officer

Move over, metal: introducing polymers for dental applications

The applications and advantages of polymers are so plentiful you can practically pick a domain and find an innovative use for them. Dentistry is one such new domain where Solvay is in the process of revolutionizing dental prosthetics with Ultaire™ AKP, a new high-performance polymer.

By Shawn Shorrock
Global Director at Solvay Dental 360