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SOLVAir®: Cleaning up the skies

A few years ago I was at the Grand Canyon, one of the must stunning natural wonders of the world and there, I was appalled to see a pollution haze hanging in the air. If it can happen there, it can happen anywhere.

By Mike Wood
Business manager - Derivatives Nafta

Solar Impulse 1, our Flying Lab is now at home in Paris!

As Solar Impulse 2 gets underway on its around the world trip, and draws the attention of the global media, its older sibling, Solar Impulse 1, is also receiving its fair share of well-deserved attention at the moment.

  Claude Michel
By Claude Michel
Head of the Solvay Solar Impulse Partnership

Mission India: is there another way?

Providing home safety education, donating blood, or planting trees don’t really sound like the activities of a chemical company, do they?

By Arun Roy
Roha plant Head of Operations, Novecare, India

Unlocking the potential of women in science

Every day I see how motivated our women scientists are here at the Ewha-Solvay Research and Innovation Center at the Ewha Womans University.

By Choi Kyunghee
President of Ewha Womans University (Seoul, South Korea)

Solar ponds are hot!

Like any body of water, solar ponds absorb the heat of the sun… but more effectively. By harnessing its power, we can store it in the form of thermal energy and use it later.

By Carlos Aladjem
Regional Expertise South EU Manager, Solvay Energy Services

Driving science education forward

As soon as the introductions were over and the curtains were drawn, the children bound into the mobile laboratory for a day of learning like no other. As an observer watching the children putting on their white lab coats, eyes wide, plunging themselves into the activities on®, I really felt that this “truck” brought science to life.

By Lina Neuner
Middle/High School Chemistry Teacher Klosterneuburg International School (Austria)

Transport transformation: electric scooters & urban mobility

Facing increasing congestion in city centers, urban mobility is in need of transformation. The challenge is not just to find something that is eco-friendly and easy to use but also adaptable to individual needs and can be shared between users.

  Jérôme Pisani
By Jérôme Pisani
Solvay Engineering Plastics communicator