Smaller & smarter: unveiling the chemical plant of the future

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Everyone today aims to apply smart industrial solutions that cut down on carbon emissions while enhancing safety. By building one of the world’s smallest hydrogen peroxide plant in Brazil, Solvay has achieved just that.

In 2013, Solvay rolled out a new concept of mini-plants that would be located directly at customers’ manufacturing plants in remote areas.

Today, this concept is about to become reality with the new Suzano myH2O2® plant, which will be completed in the third quarter of 2017. The first of its kind, the plant will meet the needs of the Suzano Pulp and Paper Mill in northeastern Brazil, thousands of kilometers from the nearest peroxide plant. Having the myH2O2®plant onsite will lead to a significant decrease in road transport and related carbon emissions.

Far from everything, yet connected and sustainable

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But that’s not all. The myH2O2® plant was designed as a ‘factory of the future’: connected, modular, sustainable – and is also one of the smallest and most remote plant we have ever built. It will be operated and controlled remotely from the Peróxidos do Brasil (part of the Solvay Group) motherplant in Curitiba.

It took nearly a decade of research to perfect the myH2O2® technology and ensure its safe, reliable, and economic performance. Many innovations, some of which have been patented, were necessary for this plant to come into existence.

To be economically viable, a plant such as this one needs to be located at least 1,000 kilometers away from the nearest merchant plant and have an onsite source of hydrogen. That’s where the success of myH2O2® resides: in its smart integration into the customer’s own production processes. Suzano produces hydrogen as a byproduct from its other onsite processes, so local access to hydrogen is guaranteed. Furthermore, installing the myH2O2®plant for captive, onsite use will substantially reduce handling and enhance safety.

Thinking big to build small

Solvay is already a global leader in the production of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), which is mainly used by the paper industry to bleach pulp, though its properties are of interest to many other markets.

Thanks to our worldwide network of 14 merchant plants, we serve multiple customers regionally. In Belgium, Thailand and Saudi Arabia, we also operate three dedicated megaplants with a very large capacity: around 300,000 tonnes per year, compared to 100,000 tonnes for the merchant plants. As for the myH2O2® plant, it has a capacity of around 10,000 tonnes per year. 

My H2O2 plant

Low cost, long term

For Solvay’s hydrogen peroxide business, the myH2O2® technology is an important strategic development. These flexible, low-cost, small-scale units provide us with the ability to respond to new growth opportunities without having to build large production facilities.

More than anything, and true to Solvay’s global vision of always having the future in mind, the success of this project required a long-term engagement: Suzano has committed to working with us for the next 10 years. 

Boosted by this successful partnership, Solvay and its affiliate Peróxidos do Brasil are already in talks with a number of other businesses interested in deploying a myH2O2® plant. In the coming years, we expect to see them producing peroxide safely and locally all over the world!