Heavy Metal Removal Reagents for Cadmium, Arsenic and Other Metals 

A growing global population and higher caloric intake are leading to an increase in demand for phosphate-based fertilizers and animal feeds. Phosphate rock used in the production of these products often contains cadmium and other heavy metal impurities at concentrations that are considered to be toxic and mutagenic to humans. Existing and pending regulatory restrictions, especially in the EU, place limits on heavy metal content in finished fertilizers and feeds, necessitating the removal of impurities.    

Used primarily in the filtration stage within phosphoric acid plants, Solvay’s ACCO-PHOS® heavy metal removal reagents efficiently and cost-effectively remove cadmium from phosphoric acid used in fertilizer and feed products.


Benefits of ACCO-PHOS® reagents, such as ACCO-PHOS® 800, include:   

  • Stability: generates minimal to no H2S

  • Operational flexibility: product dosage can be adjusted depending on heavy metal levels

  • Low capital contribution: bolt-on product requiring minimal capital expenditures and no additional unit processes

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