Versatile Ingredients for Long-Lasting Antimicrobial Solutions 

Today’s formulators are recognizing the evolving needs of consumers and are searching for ingredients to improve the cleaning experience, provide effective disinfection and ensure long-lasting, durable sanitization, reducing the need for reapplication. Actizone® technology offers unmatched benefits to formulators focused on developing 24-hour antimicrobial solutions that enhance the consumer cleaning experience. Formulators can utilize Solvay’s reliable Actizone™ products to create high-performing cleaners and long-lasting antibacterial and virucidal solutions.*


  • High-Performing Solutions with Antimicrobial Benefits

Developing a longer-lasting disinfectant cleaner that provides reliable antimicrobial benefits is one of the most notable challenges facing formulators today. To ensure household disinfectant products continue to kill microorganisms for 24 hours, formulators must use advanced know-how and ingredients in the development of these products. Actizone® F5 provides a unique combination of fast-kill properties plus 24-hour antimicrobial defense to meet consumers’ multifaceted needs and promote formulator flexibility with a range of versatile products.* Our ActizoneTM F5 is a ready-to-use surface disinfectant that combines our proprietary polymer, advanced surfactant package and quat active ingredients for long-lasting surface sanitization. 

Actizone® P5 and Actizone® S5 offer formulators complete control over their antimicrobial solutions and allow them to tailor their formulations to their precise needs. Actizone® P5 is the polymer package that provides the long-lasting performance essential in 24-hour antimicrobial solutions. When combined with standard quat active ingredients, Actizone® P5 remains on surfaces for longer than typical disinfecting cleaners and continues releasing antimicrobial actives when needed to kill bacteria and viruses for 24 hours.* Actizone® S5 offers formulators our outstanding surfactant package, which is designed to optimize cleaning without impacting long-lasting surface disinfection when formulated with necessary active ingredients. By separating these products based on functionality, Solvay enables formulators to create the cleaning performance and multipurpose disinfecting solutions they desire.

  • Formulations for Optimal Consumer Experiences

When developed into quat-based antimicrobial products, Actizone®  F5 provides cleaning benefits and unique 24-hour antimicrobial protection without sacrificing aesthetic benefits.* Long-lasting antimicrobial cleaners formulated with Actizone® products provide ideal user experiences by reducing the amount of time consumers spend cleaning or disinfecting their homes and ensuring aesthetic benefits. Actizone® F5 preserves the shine of surfaces and does not leave a residue to offer unique antimicrobial benefits without sacrificing aesthetic performance. Additionally, the versatility of Actizone® products allows formulators to develop surface cleaners that ensure effective disinfection on a range of surfaces, including laminates, polycarbonate, glass and steel, and 24-hour sanitization against bacteria. 


  • Solvay’s Extensive Formulation Expertise

In addition to the outstanding Actizone® products designed for long-lasting antimicrobial cleaners, formulators can benefit from Solvay’s unmatched experience in the home care and cleaning market. Teams at Solvay have been developing our proprietary Actizone® technology over the past four years, and we offer our Actizone® P5 polymer and Actizone® S5 surfactant package to be REACH-registered1 and with EPA-listed inert ingredients. Additionally, Solvay provides standard test capabilities for both internal and external use. We offer compliance with testing standards necessary in countries across the globe, including tests for suspension, surface disinfection, residual self-sanitization efficacy and antiviral efficacy. Solvay’s experienced scientists are proud to work with our partners and support the development of tailor-made, 24-hour antimicrobial solutions.*

For more information on the formulator benefits of  Actizone® products for long-lasting antimicrobial formulations, please contact our experts.


1 - When purchased in Europe.

Remember to use disinfectants safely, and always read the label and product information before use.

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Actizone™ technology maximizes consumer benefits, from providing long-lasting antimicrobial protection to ensuring a residue-free clean on a range of surfaces.

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