Formulators face a monumental task in developing multi-purpose disinfectant cleaners that are both effective against a range of microorganisms and appealing to consumers. From ensuring the proper level of disinfection, to providing thorough cleaning of different types of surfaces, formulators must utilize disinfection technology that is powerful and multifaceted to meet ever-evolving consumer expectations. With versatile and innovative ingredients, ActizoneTM technology helps formulators meet the complex requirements for today’s disinfection needs. Read below to learn how ActizoneTM antimicrobial technology works in long-lasting disinfectant cleaners.


Background on ActizoneTM Disinfectant Technology

Antimicrobial actives, such as quaternary ammonium compounds, are essential to effective surface disinfection and are widely used for quick-kill applications. Beyond disinfection, creating a disinfectant cleaner that provides long-lasting performance is even more challenging. ActizoneTM P5 is a key proprietary polymer ingredient designed to help antimicrobial actives deliver long-lasting antimicrobial efficacy. To quickly build effective disinfectant cleaners, formulators can now easily combine ActizoneTM P5 and antimicrobial actives, with ActizoneTM S5, an optimized ready-to-use mixture of different surfactants that ensure efficient cleaning on a variety of surfaces with different properties, including plastic, glass and metal.

Alternatively, formulators can simply use ActizoneTM F5 as the quickest path to commercialization. As a ready-to-use surface disinfectant cleaner formulation, ActizoneTM F5 is a mixture of all the necessary ingredients that are key to providing the consumer benefits that ActizoneTM is known for. ActizoneTM P5 and Actizone™ S5 technologies are composed of inert, non-biocidal ingredients that are registered with REACH, listed on the EPA inert list, and certified with other regulatory agencies to facilitate approval with known actives as desired by formulators. 

Actizone - Disinfection that lasts


Durable surface protection is now within easy reach with Actizone™, a patented technology that delivers 24-hour antimicrobial performance. 

ActizoneTM Combines Fast-Kill Benefits and Long-Lasting Antibacterial Performance

To offer optimal protection to consumers, both fast-kill of germs and long-lasting bacterial protection benefits are essential in today’s multi-purpose disinfectant cleaners. In use, ActizoneTM technology stores antimicrobial actives by producing a thin film with ideal cohesive properties on a variety of surfaces. Designed to rapidly respond to the presence of moisture, which is a typical indicator of a microbial contamination event, the ActizoneTM thin film allows fast-kill benefits by quickly releasing antimicrobial actives which attack and kill microorganisms within five minutes of contamination. ActizoneTM technology also helps antimicrobial actives deliver long-lasting surface disinfection benefits by keeping and releasing actives on surfaces sufficiently over time to kill bacteria for a full 24 hours. The thin, durable film with ActizoneTM technology operates with an optimal balance to provide fast-acting germ kill and 24-hour surface protection due to the quats secured by the Actizone™ P5 polymer


Why Use ActizoneTM Technology in Surface Disinfection Solutions

ActizoneTM technology is designed to make each step of the production process easier for formulators and provide relevant benefits to consumers. For streamlined and versatile formulations, ActizoneTM products can be used with many different surfactants typically used for surface care to provide desired cleaning performance plus long-lasting surface disinfection. For optimal formulator and consumer benefits, ActizoneTM F5 is made to maximize disinfection and cleaning performance while minimizing the residue left on surfaces. With the minimalist design of ActizoneTM technology that retains actives on surfaces and activates with moisture, formulators can design cleaning products with proven fast-kill and long-lasting disinfectant benefits, which leave surfaces free of unwanted residue through repeated applications.

Additionally, ActizoneTM P5 and Actizone™ S5 products contain ingredients listed in the EPA inert list, and REACH registered when purchased from Solvay in the EU, so formulators don’t have to struggle with regulatory challenges. With a global supply chain, these concentrated, easy-to-use ingredients can be introduced into a variety of formulations in different regulatory zones, including the European Union, the United States, Middle East, Asia and Latin America. By ensuring simple mixing properties, easily processable ingredients and compatibility with a range of fragrances and additives commonly used in surface care, ActizoneTM promotes improved formulation experiences. ActizoneTM technology balances the needs of formulators with the desires of consumers for a versatile and long-lasting antimicrobial solution that provides impressive cleaning and reliable surface disinfection.


Disclaimer: Remember to use disinfectants safely, and always read the label and product information before use.

Actizone™ F5 is not currently registered or offered for sale in the United States or in Canada. Any sale of the product in a particular country shall be solely on the basis of the approved registration in that country, and any claims regarding the product in a particular jurisdiction shall be addressed solely by the laws and approval of the product in that jurisdiction. This is not intended to promote or sell Actizone™ F5 in countries in which it is not registered yet, including in the United States and Canada.