The Right Combination of Cleaning and Disinfection

Home care formulators face numerous challenges in the development of innovative home care and surface care solutions, as consumers expect outstanding features in all of their cleaning and disinfecting products. While multipurpose cleaners are expected to provide versatile soil removal, disinfectant solutions must kill 99.9% of germs rather than eliminate soils. These distinct products are not required to overlap in performance qualities, although many consumers expect their home care products to clean and disinfect regardless of product label assurances.

In multipurpose disinfecting cleaners, however, formulators must ensure the combination of cleaning and disinfecting performance in a range of environments. A multipurpose and long-lasting disinfecting cleaner requires additional formulation steps to ensure certain benefits. Solvay’s ActizoneTM products give formulators the ability to produce outstanding home care products with long-lasting disinfection and multipurpose cleaning while also offering an enjoyable sensory experience to consumers.


Multipurpose Cleaning

Multipurpose cleaners must provide reliable cleaning performance in a variety of spaces that contain notably different soils. For example, ingredients in multipurpose cleaners must consistently clean grease-based stains in the kitchen as well as soils like soap scum in the bathroom. Multipurpose disinfectant cleaners need to provide a recognizable, visual clean that consumers notice across different environments while also killing the germs consumers can’t see. Additionally, formulators must be particular about the surfactants they introduce to disinfecting cleaners because certain surfactants can provide cleaning benefits but may impact long-lasting germ-kill and the overall efficacy of a disinfecting formulation. The ActizoneTM S5 surfactant package offers outstanding cleaning benefits and works in synergy with the ActizoneTM P5 polymer and traditional quat actives for long-lasting disinfection.

Actizone - Disinfection that lasts


Durable surface protection is now within easy reach with Actizone™, a patented technology that delivers 24-hour antimicrobial performance. 

Long-Lasting Disinfection

Because not all cleaning and disinfecting ingredients work well together, formulators must utilize ingredients that promote desirable benefits and ensure long-lasting surface disinfection and multipurpose cleaning. In long-lasting, multipurpose disinfecting cleaners, it is valuable for formulators to provide reliable, 24-hour disinfection across various surfaces. To achieve long-lasting antimicrobial performance in multipurpose cleaners, formulators can utilize ActizoneTM technology and quat active ingredients. These components produce an abrasion-resistant, thin film that stores antimicrobial actives that are released by moisture during a contamination event to kill microorganisms quickly, while also being continually available as needed for 24-hour surface protection. To ensure outstanding cleaning performance and long-lasting disinfection, formulators can use our ready-to-use surface disinfectant, ActizoneTM F5, or combine ActizoneTM P5 and ActizoneTM S5 products with quat active ingredients for a tailor-made 24-hour surface disinfectant and cleaner.


Sensory Benefits and Enjoyable Cleaning

While consumers value a clean surface and reliable surface disinfection, the overall cleaning experience is essential to consumer satisfaction. With the complexity of long-lasting, multipurpose disinfecting cleaners, formulators may not prioritize sensory benefits and cleaning experiences that consumers value, such as an appealing scent and the lack of a residue. However, ActizoneTM makes it possible for formulators to achieve a long-lasting, multipurpose disinfectant cleaner without sacrificing these valuable features. ActizoneTM P5 and ActizoneTM S5 ingredients can be easily mixed into formulations, and they are compatible with a variety of fragrances and additives that are frequently used in surface care. With ActizoneTM technology, formulators can achieve multipurpose cleaning benefits, 24-hour surface disinfection and appealing sensory experiences for long-lasting, multipurpose disinfectant cleaners that appeal to consumers’ complex needs.


Disclaimer: Remember to use disinfectants safely, and always read the label and product information before use.

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