Algoflon® DF Fine Coagulated Powders

Algoflon® DF grades are PTFE Fine Coagulated Powders produced through dispersion polymerization followed by latexes post-treatments. Algoflon® DF grades can be homo or modified PTFE polymers and may differ in MW and MWD, in modifier type, content and distribution, and morphology. Antistatic compounds are also available.

Key features

  • Chemical inertness
  • Outstanding temperature resistance
  • Outstanding heat resistance
  • Extremely low coefficient of friction
  • Outstanding anti-stick, release and water repellent properties
  • Optimum dielectric and insulating properties
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Self-lubricating
  • Self-extinguishing
  • Excellent weathering and ageing characteristics



Algoflon® DF PTFE is a family of fine coagulated powders which are mainly transformed into final items by paste extrusion. These powders may differ in molecular weight, modifier (type, content, distribution inside the particle), and particle size: the overall reduction ratios range is 1:10 up to 1:3000.


Typical Properties

Property Test Method Units Algoflon® PTFE
Service temperature   °C -260 to 260
Heat resistance     Stable up to 260°C 
Weight loss per hour: 
0.001% @ 350°C 
0.01% @ 400°C
Chemical resistance ASTM D543   High inertness
Solvent resistance ASTM D543   Insoluble up to 300°C
Water absorption ASTM D570 % 0.0
Friction coefficient ASTM D1894   Static: 0.08 
Dynamic: 0.06
Thermal conductivity ASTM C177 W/m °C 0.24
Flammability UL 94   V-0
Limiting oxygen index ASTM D2863 % >95
Radiation resistance 
to Gamma Ray
Electrical properties unchanged 
Mechanical properties decreased
Dialectric constant (ε) 
@60 Hz up to 2 GHz
ASTM D150   2.1
Dissipation factor (tg ε) 
@60 Hz up to 2 GHz
ASTM D150   <3*10-4
Volume resistivity ASTM D257 Ω cm 1018


Algoflon® DF Applications

Tubing, Pressure Hoses, Pipe-Liners

Algoflon® DF PTFE powders are currently used for the production of tubing (including shrinkable and spaghetti tubing), pressure hoses (i.e. flexible and convoluted hoses) and pipe-liners 

These final items are currently used for the transportation of aggressive chemicals and fuel exhibiting the excellent performance requested by a wide rage of industries such as chemical processing, automotive and aerospace.

Markets Applications
Aerospace Conductive flexible hoses for static dissipation, Flexible conduit used in aircrafts, Transport of hydraulic fluid and fuel in jet engines
Architectural Automatic painting lines
Chemical and Processing Industry Lining of metal pipes and fittings for chemical reactors and columns
Electrical, Electronics & Semiconductors Cable sheathing for electrical lines, Electrical conduits for wiring systems (e.g., wire harnesses and cable assemblies), Hermetic motor insulation
Food Processing Food or liquid transportation at high temperature (e.g., hot water or coffee)
Industrial & Mechanical Compressor discharge lines, Hoses for plastic molding presses, Mechanical protection
Petrochemical Transport of aggressive chemicals and fuel, particularly at high pressure
Pharmaceutical Transfer lines of high purity fluids
Transportation Wiring systems in high temperature applications and high corrosive atmospheres such as engine compartments, 
Oxygen cables
Wire Insulation

Algoflon® DF offers the low friction, electrical and high temperature characteristics needed for wire insulation. The requirements for this application also include:

  • Optimum dielectric and electrical properties
  • High chemical inertness
  • High thermal stability
  • High flame resistance
  • Low smoke generation
  • High stress-crack resistance
  • Good pigment ability
  • High resistance to ageing

Electrical applications for Algoflon® DF PTFE powders include electrical primary insulation of hook-up wires, coaxial cables and interconnecting wiring for aerospace and automotive industries.

Markets Applications
Aerospace Aircraft entertainment system cables
Chemical & Processing Industry Wires used in aggressive environments and/or at high temperatures
Consumer Electronics High frequency coaxial designs for Radio Frequency (RF) and microwave markets, 
Industrial lead wires for power supplies in appliances, consumer electronics and white goods, 
High speed coaxial cables for data transmission
Industrial & Mechanical Motor winding, 
Wires for power supplies in industrial equipment
Electronics Internal wiring of electronic equipment, 
Coaxial cables in electronic computer circuit
Telecommunications Antennas and satellites in both military and commercial applications, 
Coaxial cables for wireless and cellular communication systems
Transportation Wiring systems in high temperature applications and high corrosive atmospheres such as engine compartments, 
Oxygen cables


Mechanical & Electrical Tapes

Algoflon® DF PTFE powders are suited for applications such as thread seal tapes and electrical tapes for wrapping (i.e. primary insulation and over-cable jacketing applications).

Markets Applications
Architectural Sealants for threads in household appliances and waterpipe threads
Industrial & Mechanical Tapes for object wrapping to reduce friction or provide quick release properties
Electrical, Electronics & Semiconductor Tapes for coils and phase insulation of motors, transformers, relays and switches
Telecommunications Insulation of high speed coaxial cables for data transmission

Algoflon® DF PTFE powders are currently utilized for the manufacture of porous membranes with the porosity requested by the final application (i.e., filtration, breathable garments, wire insulation).

Markets Applications
Aerospace Insulation of high speed coaxial cables with lighter weight
Chemical & Processing Industry Membranes for filtration
Garments Recreational and industrial clothing textiles

Fibers obtained from Algoflon® DF PTFE powders are utilized for the manufacture of filtration media with unique release properties combined with very high chemical and thermal resistance.

Markets Applications
Architectural Waterproof fabrics made of PTFE fibers for roof structures, such as domes and tents
Food Processing Conveyor belts
Industrial & Mechanical Release fabrics
Electrical, Electronics & Semiconductors Electrical lacing cords
Transportation Bearing made of woven fabrics

In addition, Algoflon® DF 130 was designed for the manufacture of fibers suitable for dental floss production. It exhibits very good stretchability and homogeneity of the stretched item.

Cords and Packings

Some especially designed Algoflon® DF PTFE powders can be used for the production of expanded PTFE cords and packings to be used in sealing applications.

Additive for Plastics

The high viscosity of Algoflon® DF PTFE powders at melt temperature and their ability to fibrillate improve anti-dripping properties in plastics. Resins benefiting from the anti-dripping properties of Algoflon® DF PTFE powders are ABS, polycarbonates, polyurethanes, and polystyrene.