Algoflon® PTFE Granulars

Algoflon® PTFE Granular resins are obtained through suspension polymerization followed by post-treatment to obtain "fine cut" PTFE powders. Algoflon® S grades free-flow powders with increased flow and bulk density are obtained through an agglomeration process.

Key features

  • Chemical inertness
  • Outstanding temperature resistance
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Extremely low coefficient of friction
  • Exceptional anti-stick, release and water repellent properties
  • Optimum dielectric and insulating properties
  • Self-lubricating
  • Self-extinguishing
  • Excellent weathering and ageing characteristics



Algoflon® PTFE Granulars are obtained through suspension polymerization. Specially designed post-treatments lead to two different families of grades:

  • Algoflon® F: Granular "fine cut" PTFE powders (typical average particle size in the range of 15 to 35 µm). Processed using normal compression molding techniques and compounding with fillers such as carbon, graphite, and glass fiber.
  • Algoflon® S: Free flowing powders with increased bulk density and flowability, can also be processed through isostatic and automatic molding and ram extrusion.



  • Seals, Gaskets and Valves, Expansion Joints, Pipes and Fittings: Used in several industries including aerospace, automotive and chemical processing due to their excellent resistance to extreme temperatures and chemicals.
  • Protective Linings: For reactors and tanks, due to their excellent resistance to extreme temperatures and chemicals.
  • Electrical Insulators: Nozzles of high voltage circuit breakers made of pure or filled Algoflon® PTFE granulars exhibit both adequate resistance to thermal erosion and excellent insulating properties at high voltages during arc break-down.
  • Electrical Tapes: Thin and flexible films with high dielectric strength, low dissipation factor and non-flammability for coils and phase insulation on motors, transformers, relays and switches.


Granular Grades


Typical Properties

Property Test Method Units Algoflon® PTFE
Service temperature   °C -260 to 260
Heat resistance     Stable up to 260°C 
Weight loss per hour: 
0.001% @ 350°C 
0.01% @ 400°C
Chemical resistance ASTM D543   High inertness
Solvent resistance ASTM D543   Insoluble up to 300°C
Water absorption ASTM D570 % 0.0
Friction coefficient ASTM D1894   Static: 0.08 
Dynamic: 0.06
Thermal conductivity ASTM C177 W/m °C 0.24
Flammability UL 94   V-0
Limiting oxygen index ASTM D2863 % >95
Radiation resistance 
to Gamma Ray
Electrical properties unchanged 
Mechanical properties decreased
Dialectric constant (ε) 
@60 Hz up to 2 GHz
ASTM D150   2.1
Dissipation factor (tg ε) 
@60 Hz up to 2 GHz
ASTM D150   <3*10-4
Volume resistivity ASTM D257 Ω cm 1018