Taking natural oils from marketing actives to functional ingredients 

Alkamuls® PEG-16 CO is a novel, versatile solubilizer for natural oils. Without compromising on clarity, stability, viscosity, foam and cleansing performance, formulators can create clear cleansing formulas infused with natural oils, at an efficient level (typically >0.9%), to deliver their powerful caring benefits to hair & skin. Alkamuls® PEG-16 CO is efficient by itself, to avoid solubilizers cocktails that formulators usually have to resort to use.    


From challenges to SOLUTIONS to address consumers’ needs


  • Our new versatile solubilizer Alkamuls® PEG16 CO, was developed to be efficient by itself with different types of natural oils, avoiding the solubilizer cocktails to which formulators usually must resort. It’s efficient at solubilizing different vegetable oils (Avocado, Sunflower and Coconut), regardless of their chemical features: saturated or not, lauric, oleic or linoleic
  • The unique synergy identified between natural caring oils and Solvay's conditioning Jaguar®, provides formulators with a unique set of ingredients that deliver benefits to the consumer


Key Benefits Of the Oil Infused Formula


For formulators

  • Solves formulation challenges caused by increasing oil levels from 0.1 to 1.0% (transparency, stability, thickening, foam) 

For Consumers:

  • Delivers perceivable skin/ hair sensory benefits without negatives (won't weigh hair down, won't leave an oily skin feel)
  • Maintains full transparency, conveying purity, lightness and high care
  • Delivers Softness & shine on hair without any cleanliness issues or greasiness
  • Works effectively on different hair types
  • Produces better spreadability, filmy sensation and less stickiness on skin

Alkamuls® PEG-16 CO Flyer