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Garments Design

More time with you. Less time on the planet.

We recommend that, when marketed with the claim of accelerated decomposition, the garment should not contain more than 18% of non-biodegradable materials (PET fibers, elastane fibers, components like zippers, etc.), and that the communication specifies the percentage of biodegradable materials in the garment.

Seamless and Fabrics



Construction with 82% accelerated decomposition yarns, either exclusively Amni Soul Eco® or a combination of our polyamide with other fibers that have the same characteristic. 


amni camiseta percentual


82% of the garment, including trimmings and lining, must contain certified Amni Soul Eco knit fabric.



*Correct communication is crucial to avoid being perceived as "Greenwashing" (deceptive, unsubstantiated marketing).