Properties and Functional Benefits

  • Toluene-free ensuring the highest standard of food and feed safety

  • High purity with a minimum assay of 98,5% and with a high 3-BHA content≥95%  

  • Strong oxidation protection
  • Excellent shelf life extender
  • Good stability
  • Excellent solubility  
  • Delays development of rancidity
  • No odor and no color impact


Produced with a water-based process using integrated raw materials

FAMI-QS Certification


PETFOOD and FEED Applications


BHA Optimox is the perfect antioxidant designed for your feed and petfood applications. It strongly extends the shelf life of petfood diets and treats

It provides long protection against oxidation and offers stability assurance.



FOOD Applications


BHA Optimox is an antioxidant widely used in the food industry. With the best carry-through effect, food applications are benefiting from a strong stability and extended shelf lifeSolubility in fats and oils is excellent. 

It can be used in different food applications such as baked foods, cereals, potato flakes, fats and oils. 

BHA Optimox is certified KOSHER Pareve and HALAL

BHA Optimox Flyer

The ideal antioxidant with no toluene for safer Food, pet Food and Feed applications.