Capturing heavy metals from wastewater

Tighter regulations and more frequent controls in Europe, North America and Asia put increased pressure on industrial sites to reduce the level of heavy metals in wastewater.

We offer a unique and complete solution – product, process and services –  to capture a large range of heavy metals  from wastewater. The solution also reduces plants' freshwater consumption by recycling the water and reuse it in the process. Capterall® is a highly efficient, cost-effective, pollution peak control and easy-to-deploy solution.

Capterall® helps customers get more out of their equipment to transform environmental challenges into new opportunities, and improve their environmental performance.



  • A  high level of expertise to design a tailor-made solution for each customer meeting the specifications of the plant
  • An all-in-one solution to simplify wastewater management with low investment
  • A powerful reagent based on mineral product
  • A solution able to capture several metals simultaneously and to address a high variation in metal concentration


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Evaluation of Capterall® efficiency of for the removal of heavy metals on industrial wastewater


Surface treatment

Capterall® is a non-toxic solution able to efficiently capture the wide range of metals present in the wastewater coming from metal surface treatments. By solving the challenges linked to the presence of multi-metals, we aim at simplifying our customers’ wastewater treatments and enabling them to comply with discharge regulations without extra efforts.

Benefits: Single-step treatment for complex waters



Harbour-based facilities

Our mission is to ease our customers’ wastewater treatment by designing simple, non-labour-intensive, low-CAPEX and tailor-made solutions. By adapting Capterall® to fit the needs of harbour-based facilities for wastewater treatment, we support our customers to reach required pollutants outlet concentrations (typically Cadmium, Lead, Zinc… in ppm) regardless of discontinuous flows of rainwater.  

Benefits: Efficient solution for intermittent wastewater streams

Capteral-harbour based-facilities


Non-ferrous metals

Our customers working with non-ferrous metals need to prevent metal peaks in their wastewater treatment process. We developed an innovative semi-autonomous treatment unit capable of efficiently respond to this need. Our easy-to-use and non-labour intensive solution enables a reduction in water consumption (around 20% of the process water is recirculated), thus decreasing the cost and the environmental footprint of the facility. 

Benefits: Water savings, lower environmental impact

Capterall-non ferrous metal


Power plants

Our high level of expertise enables us to design tailor-made solutions fitting the specificities of power plants’ wastewater treatments. We facilitate our clients’ compliance to stringent regulations - including the new limits on mercury concentrations - through an easy-to-use and a one-step solution with no need for dosing system.

Benefits: Comply with regulations

Capterall-power plant


Chemical Industry

We provide industrial players in the Chemical industry with a simple and non-toxic solution to treat wastewater continuously regardless of high water flow fluctuations. Capterall®’s non-labour-intensive solution will enable you to efficiently decrease the concentration of peaks at the outlet of your installation, going from 100 ppm to 1 ppm.

Benefits: Able to deal with metals' peaks concentration