Our mission: capturing heavy metals from wastewater

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Industries face tighter regulations regarding heavy metals rate in wastewater

This is not new, considering their impact on the environment and health, heavy metals regulations are becoming stricter and controls more frequent in Europe, North America and Asia. As a result, pressure is increasing in industrial sites to reduce the level of heavy metals in wastewater.

A mineral wastewater treatment solution allowing freshwater savings

  1. Our first job: to offer a unique and complete mineral based solution to capture a large range of heavy metals such as Aluminium, Zinc, Cadmium or Mercury from your wastewater.

  2. Our second job: to reduce plants' freshwater consumption by recycling the water and enabling reuse it in the process.

Capterall® offers sustainable and eco-responsible solutions to our customers for water treatment that have proven to be effective, reliable and competitive enabling compliance with stricter regulations.


Why choosing Capterall® industrial wastewater treatment?

We simplify your industrial wastewater treatment

  • By creating tailor-made solutions for each customer to meet the specifications of their plant
  • By providing an all-in-one solution with lower investment than competitive technologies

  • By decreasing other chemicals usages and simplify your management thanks to a safe to handle and atoxic product

We guarantee effective results

  • Capterall® captures several metals simultaneously and is able to address a high variation in metal concentration

  • Our customers can save up to 30% of water consumption and reduce up to 20% their global water treatment costs.

  • We manage trials on site to offer the best possible heavy metal removal rate.


Capterall® explained in a video


Download VITO* research centre study

VITO* research centre study evaluated Capterall® efficiency on industrial wastewater and proved a heavy metal removal rate above 80%.

* VITO is a leading European independent research and technology organisation providing innovative and high-quality solutions to face in the field of energy, environment and material.

How does our wastewater treatment work?

Which industries take benefits from Capterall® tailor made solution?


Surface treatment industries

A Single-step treatment for complex waters

Capterall® is a non-toxic solution able to efficiently capture the wide range of metals present in the wastewater coming from metal surface treatments. By solving the challenges linked to the presence of multi-metals, we aim at simplifying our customers’ wastewater treatments and enabling them to comply with discharge regulations without extra efforts.


Capterall-non ferrous metal

Non-ferrous metals

Water savings, lower environmental impact

Our customers working with non-ferrous metals need to prevent metal peaks in their wastewater treatment process. We developed an innovative semi-autonomous treatment unit capable of efficiently respond to this need. Our easy-to-use and non-labour intensive solution enables a reduction in water consumption (around 20% of the process water is recirculated), thus decreasing the cost and the environmental footprint of the facility.


Capterall-power plant

Power plants

We create customized solutions to comply with regulations

Our high level of expertise enables us to design tailor-made solutions fitting the specifics of power plants’ wastewater treatments. We facilitate our clients’ compliance to stringent regulations - including the new limits on mercury concentrations - through an easy-to-use and a one-step solution with no need for dosing system.



Chemical Industry

A solution able to deal with metals' peak concentration

We provide industrial players in the Chemical industry with a simple and non-toxic solution to treat wastewater continuously regardless of high water flow fluctuations. Capterall® 's non-labour-intensive solution will enable you to efficiently decrease the concentration of peaks at the outlet of your installation, going from 100 ppm to 1 ppm.


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