Capterall® Solutions: capturing pollutants from Urban and Industrial wastewater

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Wastewater micropollutants level: a challenge for Industries and Municipalities

Organic and inorganic (e.g. metals) micropollutants, although invisible to the naked eyes, are transported by water and accumulate in the environment and living organisms, causing, in the worst case, poisoning or other serious diseases.

As a result, discharge regulations are becoming stricter and controls on discharged water are more frequent in Europe, North America and Asia. 

The challenge is even harder when organic micropollutants, like PAH (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons) and EASs (Endocrine Active Substances, Pharmaceuticals..), have recently been put forward and have come to the attention of the public. 

As a result, pressure is increasing both in industrial and urban water treatment sites to reduce the level of contaminants in wastewater.

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Capterall® solutions provide mineral-based products that efficiently remove pollutants from wastewater

Capterall® mineral formulations treat polluted water to reach lower discharge concentrations and manage fluctuations in pollutants in order to be compliant with strict regulations.

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 Why choosing Capterall®?

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Multi pollutants performance

A unique solution for Metals and other pollutants such as Mercury, Arsenic, Selenium, Fluoride, Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Endocrine Disruptors. Capterall® products simultaneously capture several pollutants and can treat pollutants even when they enter the treatment unit at very low concentrations (e.g., in µg/l range).

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Global cost reduction

Up to 20% global cost reduction per year including lower chemical usage, water reuse and simplified management operation.

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Environmental footprint

Mineral formulations with no danger either for operators or for the environment, since no by-product is released.


How do Capterall® products work?

Capterall® products as adsorbents guarantee a reliable finishing step, based on a simple reactor + decanter installation. Capteralll® process can be integrated in an already-existing water treatment unit or a dedicated one, depending on your needs.

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The Capterall® plant was operational within two years, and already, we have made considerable savings. Onsite treatment of all waste streams means we now avoid considerable additional logistics expenses. In fact, the payback of the project was just 24 months, which compares favorably to other environmental projects."

Andrea Vittone
Site Manager, INEOS Olefins & Polymers Europe South

What do we offer?

Capterall® team designs a tailor-made solution based on laboratory and onsite testing phases to determine the optimal product formulation, process and fitting to our client system in order to ensure compliance with regulations in a simple and sustainable way.

1. Assessing pollution and consulting for a Capterall® solution
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Putting our Chemistry expertise at your service

Because each wastewater has its own matrix, we analyze it to understand its different parameters like pH and different pollutants’ concentrations.

Thanks to these analytical measurements and our know-how supported by more than 100 years of presence in chemical applications, we can tailor the most efficient combination of product & process to maximize the performance of our treatment range of Capteralll® adsorbents in your water.

2. On-site trials
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Testing our solution has never been so easy

Our modern pilot units can be connected in bypass mode (without interference in your process) at any point of your current wastewater process in order to demonstrate the feasibility and reliability of our treatment at the industrial scale. Our Capterall® solution is so easy to operate that you can decide to manage our pilot unit by yourself.

3. Customized engineering
Capterall Installation

From a Basic Engineering package to a fully working installation.

Whether you need to update your wastewater treatment plant or to build a new one, our specialists and partners are able to provide both basic and detailed engineering in order to support the construction of the Capterall® industrial installation.

We take care of the installation start-up and periodic adjustments to always guarantee maximum performance with Capterall® adsorbents and compliance with stricter environmental regulations.

4. Monitoring and optimizing results (Technical support and audit)
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We are committed to always ensure the best possible results by a constant monitoring and optimization of the installation

Our team of chemists is constantly improving our adsorbent product formulations, which can easily be adapted in case of changing water parameters without further investments.

Our process specialists are available to come to support you into bringing the most out of your Capterall® installation. We can also offer technical audits in order for the water quality to be in accordance with your expectations.