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Capterall installation-by day 2019

A Chemical Industry Plant

Site Challenges: 

  • Aluminium fluctuations

  • Enhance flocculation of suspended solids

Capterall® Benefits

  • Pollutants fluctuations handled

  • Lower global Capex compared to other competing technologies


Steel Industry plant 

Capterall-pollutants removal rate for Steel Industry

Site challenges

  • Multi-metals at high concentration

  • Retrofitting of an old Wastewater Treatment plant

Capterall® Benefits

  • Low outlet and fluctuations management

  • Possible water reuse


A Power generation plant 

Capterall installations 2019

Site challenges: 

  • Multi-pollutant performance: Hg and PAH

  • Water with suspended solids

Capterall Benefits: 

  • A versatile treatment to remove both metallic and organic pollutants

  • Easier management of the installation


Urban Effluents plant

Capterall removal rate for Urban Effluent Industry

Site challenges: 

  • Metals + PAH + EAS performance

  • High flow rate

Capterall Benefits: 

  • Low consumption of adsorbent for high efficiency

  • Low CAPEX solution

  • Compatible with current treatment (biological unit)



Case study: Solvay chemical plant in Germany

The Solvay Group focuses on reducing its environmental footprint and measurably improving its sustainability. For this purpose a Solvay plant in Germany is running trials with a Capterall® industrial pilot unit.


Context – Micro pollutants (e.g  metals, PAH…) in industrial water targeted

Heavy metals consequences on public health (reference : WFD2000/20/EC)

Micro pollutants remain a major challenge for all industries. These contaminants are invisible to the naked eyes and are transported by water, accumulating in the environment and in living organisms, with the potential to generate diseases.

Solvay plant needs: install a safe, flexible and reliable system for long term study

The gas washing of wet-scrubbers used in the manufacturing process produces wastewater that can be contaminated and is already treated to comply with regulations. In this way, the Solvay plant decided to implement first-hand a new innovative environmental solution designed by Solvay for water treatment: Capterall®.

The objective of the test is to reduce emissions of metallic contaminants but also to anticipate future environmental regulations and reduce organic micropollutants that can be found in the wastewater.

Capterall instalaltion by night 2

Capterall® : from lab test to successful industrial pilot installation

Before constructing the industrial pilot installation, the Capterall® team conducted a full audit of the site to understand its needs and local regulations. After running lab tests, the product and process were fine tuned to operate on a mobile unit onsite (see video on our website) to confirm industrial feasibility.

After these successful steps that validated operational parameters, our Capterall® Team was able to design and build (start and run) the industrial pilot wastewater treatment plant (30 m3/h). 

The whole process took less than 6 months!

People on site testified that the installation is easy to manage, it does neither need a lot of manpower nor  many resources.


Capterall® : a solution to be compliant with strict legislation and beyond

According to the “Ordinance on Requirements for the Discharge of Waste Water into Waters” by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety of Germany, the limitations in the wastewater discharge permit for some metals can be below 1 ppb on a hand-off / 2 hours mixing sample. Capterall® is able to reduce micro-pollutants in a reliable manner and even more. 

Although there is no imposing regulation for PAH (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons), some German local authorities are already demanding viability and technical studies for current stations in order to comply with future regulations. If a future specification is required by authorities below the low current levels, the Solvay site could be one step ahead of environmental regulations confirming its compromise and pro-activity for a safer environment. 

“One of the main success factors of Capterall® solutions is its versatility that allows to treat a large set of pollutants and be inserted as the finishing step in most types of water treatment plants with simple and low daily operation requirements.” Alain Bruha, Capterall® business development manager

Fabio Trivellin, Capterall® Business Development Engineer