COMPLEMIX® 100 is a highly purified form of DSS with uses in many food applications. It is an anionic wetting agent and is very effective even at low concentrations. COMPLEMIX 100 can be used as a food additive for the dispersion of hard-to-wet powders, as a solubilizing agent, for the modification of fat systems, for improvement of mouth feel and as a flavor modifier. To avoid imparting any off-taste to foods, acceptable concentration levels are discussed in the application section  below.



  • Poorly wettable foodstuffs such as cocoa, caseinates, cheeses, starches, fumaric acid, hydrophilic colloids and like substances disperse readily when pretreated with COMPLEMIX 100

  • Changes or modifies flavoring principles of foods by improving solubility of oils or fats contained in foods

  • Very efficient active and essential oils solubilizers in alcohol free mouthwash (liquid grade available 50% in PEG 400 for easier handling in this application)

  • Consists of highly purified Docusate Sodium which provides consistent results in foods

  • COMPLEMIX 100 is very effective as a wetting agent even at low concentrations