What are antiwear additives ?

Antiwear additives are those that act to prevent abrasion in a lubricant system.  These additives work by forming a sacrificial film on a metal surface, preventing asperities on the metal surfaces from directly coming into contact when the lubricating oil can no longer provide necessary film thickness. 
The Duraphos™ line of antiwear additives are exceptionally surface active and compatible in a range of formulations and robust across a variety of lubricant regimes.

Your sustainable Antiwear additives for lubricant oils

Our Duraphos™ antiwear additives were developed for lubricating oils. Keeping in mind the industry trends and the future of our planet, we designed these additives sulfur free, ashless and with a lower phosphorus content (lower SAPS) compared to current technologies. 
Because we know that performance expectations are high,
Duraphos™ products also come with additional properties : they can bear extreme pressure, some show secondary antioxidant properties


  • Antiwear
  • Extreme pressure resistance
  • Better performance than ZDDP
  • Lower SAPS
  • Antioxidant*

*specific products only

  • Equivalent antiwear performances to ZDDP at a lower P content with Duraphos 178 and Duraphos OAP (Octyl Acid Phosphate)

Duraphos™ - Antiwear vs P content


  • Better performance that ZDDP with combined benefits of Antiwear and Extreme Pressure performances

Duraphos™ - Antiwear vs extreme pressure