EasySoft™ RTU, a breakthrough technology based on natural guar polymer

The technology behind EasySoft™ RTU (Ready-to-Use) powers a new, eco-friendly solution for fabric softener formulation. EasySoft® is based on a natural polymer extracted from the renewable and abundant guar plant, delivering a sustainable solution that doesn’t compromise on performance, softness, stability or fragrance deposition. 


  • What does fabric softener do?

During the laundry process, fibers at the fabric surface, particularly natural fibers such as cotton and wool, endure high mechanical stress resulting in an unpleasant harsh feel after drying. A fabric softener helps reduce friction among fibers by breaking intermolecular H-bonds to create a soft, fluffy, fresh feel.



  • Sustainable Guar Initiative

Solvay is the world leader in guar derivatives used in home and personal care and other applications. In 2015, Solvay  initiated the award-winning Sustainable Guar Initiative with the aim of teaching and promoting sustainable agricultural practices among 3,000 guar bean farmers across 20 villages in the desert region of Bikaner, Rajasthan in India, where much of the world’s guar supply is grown.

EasySoft™ RTU benefits

New class of fabric softeners that solves common formulation challenges:

  1. Water savings: Highly effective technology supporting one rinse wash conditions
  2. Generates cost savings: Lower quat levels-based systems perform equally well or even better
  3. Increases shelf life: Provides good viscosity control at elevated temperatures
  4. Features a sustainable profile: Replaces classical synthetic thickener


EasySoft™ RTU as a base concentrate

  • EasySoft™ RTU is designed for CTAC/fatty alcohol softener systems. 
  • Reduced levels of CTAC and fatty alcohol, combined with a small dosage of the ready-for-dilution EasySoft™ RTU polymer, new formulations can be created to deliver highly efficient fabric softeners offering outstanding properties.


EasySoft™ RTU does more than just soften fabric


EasySoft® Ready-to-Use - Benefits