for Personal Care

Fomblin® HC PFPE is a specialty liquid ingredient with transformative properties for cosmetic formulations.

In addition to its odorless, colorless, transparent, non-greasy and film-forming characteristics, its use delivers unique benefits, such as:

  • Skin barrier for protection against water and oil soluble agents
  • Long-wear performance with oil and water repellency
  • Skin breathability with high oxygen permeability
  • Exceptional velvety touch

Typical Applications

Skin Care

  • Barrier creams that protect against irritant agents and pollution
  • Long-lasting products with special active ingredients
  • High-end anti-aging formulations and face treatments

Color Cosmetics

  • Non-transferable lipsticks and lip top coats
  • Long-lasting compact powders and fluid foundations
Product Portfolio  
Fomblin® HC/04, HC/25 and HC/R Liquid polymers with respectively low, medium and high viscosity levels. They can be incorporated into any multiphase cosmetic formulation as they build up a third phase that helps stabilize the system
Fomblin® HC/OH-1000 A hydroxy group modification allows for easier dispersions and emulsions, besides higher substantivity and wetting power
Fomblin® HC/P2-1000 The phosphate group modification is strong enough to disperse the polymer in water and other polar solvents, maintaining a gentle disposition towards the skin, even at a very low pH value. It can also be solubilized in water after partial neutralization