Hyflon® perfluoropolymers can be utilized as coatings in the electrical & electronics, semiconductors, and chemical processing industries. Hyflon® perfluoropolymer coatings are used extensively due to their virtually universal chemical resistance even at high temperatures. Typical applications of Hyflon® perfluoropolymers include:

  • Protective linings and coatings
  • Release coatings
  • Anti-stick coatings

Hyflon® perfluoropolymer for Coatings




Sophisticated detection and control systems have stringent requirements for their wiring that only fluoropolymers can provide. For applications such as push-pull cables for the automotive market, Hyflon® MFA offers high-temperature resistance, chemical resistance and smooth surface properties.




Photovoltaic Front Sheets 


Hyflon® perfluoropolymers innovative and customized films and resins are used in the environmental market for the realization of flexible frontsheets thanks to their outstanding properties such as:

  • Long-term weatherability
  • Optimal light transmission
  • High moisture barrier for front- and backsheet hydrolysis protection
  • Fire resistance
  • Electrical insulation
  • Lightweight



Oil & Gas

Wherever higher temperatures are required for applications in extreme environments, Hyflon® perfluoropolymers are the right materials, offering thermal resistance up to 260°C, barrier properties and inertness to the most aggressive chemicals. Oil & gas applications include: sheet lining, extruded liners, dual laminates, electromechanical cable jacketing, umbilicals, cryogenics, and applications requiring exposure to Supercritical CO2.



Wire & Cable

Hyflon® perfluoropolymer, due to its key properties, is used in advanced electronics such as keypads and LED displays in tight spaces that require the use of ever more reliable and safer materials for wires & cables.

Hyflon® MFA resins are used to replace FEP in applications such as automotive wiring, heater cables, coaxial cables and down hole cables.