Hyflon® PFA and MFA® offer a unique set of properties to meet extreme performance requirements, including Very cold temperature resistance, inherent flame resistance, chemical inertness, low surface energy, exceptional dielectric properties and excellent mechanical characteristics.

Automotive Wire & Cable

Jacket and Primary Insulation

Sophisticated control and sensing systems have stringent demands for their cabling which only fluoropolymers can deliver. For applications such as automotive push-pull cables, Hyflon® MFA® offers:

  • High temperature resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Smooth surface properties
Chemical Processing Industry (CPI)

Hyflon® PFA & MFA® offer their high purity, chemically-inertness and fire-resistance to CPI applications including, high purity coatings, protective linings and fluid & gas handling applications.

Hyflon® MFA® F can be widely used in the chemical process industry due to its virtually universal chemical resistance up to 220-230°C. Specific applications include protective linings of tanks, reactors and heat exchangers, tower packing and applications where FEP is also used.

The surface of Hyflon® MFA® is up to 10 times smoother than standard PFA improving cleanliness, reducing pressure drop and reducing wall build-up in slurries or mixtures.

Cookware & Bakeware Coatings

Hyflon® PFA and MFA® powders are designed for electrostatic spray coating. They are particularly recommended for use as a topcoat in non-stick applications, including release coatings for bakeware. Their usage provide to the substrates the following exceptional properties:

  • Outstanding release properties
  • Excellent smooth surface finish
  • Superior durability
  • Wide thermal operating range
Photovoltaic Frontsheets

Hyflon® PFA and MFA® innovative and customized films and resins are used in the realization of flexible frontsheets thanks to their outstanding properties as:

  • Long-term weatherability
  • Optimal light transmission
  • High moisture barrier for front- and backsheet hydrolysis protection
  • Fire resistance
  • Electrical insulation
  • Light weight
Oil & Gas

Wherever higher temperatures are required for applications in extreme environments, Hyflon® PFA and MFA® are the right materials, offering thermal resistance up to 260°C, barrier properties and inertness to the most aggressive chemicals. Applications include: sheet lining; extruded liners; dual laminates; electromechanical cable jacketing; umbilicals; cryogenics, and applications requiring exposure to Supercricital CO2


Hyflon® PFA deliver exceptional corrosion resistance and purity for components and coatings for wafer processing, fluid handling systems and waste disposal.

Wire & Cable

Hyflon® PFA

Hyflon® PFA is used in advanced electronics such as keypads and LED displays in tighter spaces requiring the use of wire & cable materials ever more reliable and safe due its key properties.

Hyflon® PFA offer excellent mechanical properties at high temperatures for wire & cable insulation, heat tracing wiring, oil well logging wires, sensor wires and avionics along with high reliability and long-term ageing resistance.

Hyflon® MFA®

Hyflon® MFA® resins are used to replace FEP in such applications as automotive wiring, heater cables, coaxial cables and down hole cables.

Hyflon® MFA® F has excellent thermal stress crack resistance and good mechanical properties allow it to be used continuously up to 225°C. Hyflon® MFA® 1041 is widely used for high speed extrusion of insulation for plenum rated LAN cables, thin walled coaxial cables and consumer electronics.