Clear bio-based conditioning polymer.

A unique bio-based conditioning polymer ideal for transparent formulations optimized to deliver effective wet & dry conditioning to normal and slightly damaged hair with no build-up. It is suitable for use in baby cleansing formulations. Combined with solubilized oils or ester, it can be used to formulate clear shampoos targeting damaged hair.

Jaguar Excel for damanged hair

Consumer  benefits:

  • Good conditioning
  • Clean feel
  • Sulfate-free shampoo
  • For baby solutions


  • Transparent cationic guar
  • Good compatibility with anionic & amphoteric surfactants
  • Also suitable for baby hair, kids hair, fine hair, normal hair.
  • Clear grade suitable for hair damage, higher hair targets (damage level 3-4) achievable by combining with other conditioning ingredients  like botanical oils, esters…

Consumer Applications:

  • Clear shampoo for daily use
  • baby hair
  • men’s hair
  • Slightly damaged hair