Multifunctional thickening agent

The association of these two rheology modifiers, Jaguar® HP-105 and xanthan gum in surfactant systems improves the texture of xanthan gum used alone and has a very good response in mild transparent formulations. It delivers a soft and smooth skin feel, easily to rinse for an optimal sensorial experience thanks to a clear gel texture out of a natural origin formula.


Jaguar 105


Consumer Benefits:

For the association between Jaguar® HP-105 and xanthan gum:

  • A pleasant in-use sensorial experience

  • Texture breaks easily delivering a soft foam on the skin

  • Skin feels clean and protected, with a silky effect

  • Ultra mild cleansing system for sensitive skin applications

Function of the Jaguar® HP-105

  • Thickening Properties
  • Moderate Shear-thinning rheology
  • Excellent clarity
  • No particle in suspension
  • Smooth skin feel, film forming properties

Consumer applications:


  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Hair masks
  • Serums


  • Facial wash
  • Body wash
  • Liquid soap