A unique experience for clean, smooth and healthy looking hair!

A unique bio-based conditioning polymer optimized to deliver excellent wet and dry hair conditioning benefits to all hair types without weighing hair down, including in sulfate-free formulations. It is also very effective at boosting the delivery of finely dispersed ingredients onto hair and scalp. Jaguar Optima combines the wet conditioning efficacy of PQ-10 polymers with the active deposition efficacy of guars.

Jaguar Optima graphs


Recommended Dosage According to Hair Type:

Jaguar Optima fixes hair damange

Consumer Benefits:

  • Smooth wet feel
  • Ease of wet and dry combing
  • Quick rinse
  • No build-up on hair
  • Naturally-derived



  • Good conditioning performance in sulfate-free and silicone-free formulations
  • Possibility to increase dosage to address challenging hair targets
  • For Fine, Dry, Colored, and Damaged Hair


Consumer Applications:

  •  Shampoo

  • Conditioners

  • Masks