New guar derivative for clear body cleansing solutions

Jaguar® SOFT is a naturally derived alternative to synthetic polymers such as polyquaternium. This guar derivative enables the formulation of crystal clear and transparent cleansing solutions such as body wash, liquid soaps, and mild baby cleansing products. Jaguar® SOFT provides high sensorial performance with creamier foam during the application, which leaves the skin soft and smooth. 

Guar splits used to produce Jaguar® SOFT are sourced from villages participating in the Sustainable Guar Initiative, a project that aims to empower farmers with tools and knowledge to cultivate the crop through good agricultural practices, resulting in more continuous and high yield production. 


What consumer needs does it answer?

  • 100% active, naturally-derived ingredient 

  • Enables a rich and creamy foam for an optimal sensorial experience

  • Provides a soft skin after-feel


What are the main attributes of Jaguar® SOFT?

  • Naturally-derived with a INO* = 0.91
  • Suitable for crystal clear and transparent formulations 
  • Improves the foam elasticity & foam stability, making it more creamy during application
  • It's a renewable ingredient: 100% active, less non-renewable packaging and transportation emissions

    *INO, Natural Origin Index - Standard ISO 16128-2)

The SPM global and systematic assessment helps alert the business to sustainability market signals, even weak ones, to anticipate their impact and develop the right answers in a timely way. It enables value to be captured in emerging eco systems and helps business to grow its portfolio by levering on opportunities and turning challenges into solutions. 


Formulation concept with Jaguar® SOFT: Mild body wash

To address consumers' demand for Clean Beauty and gentle cleansing, Solvay's formulators developed mild formulas that respect the integrity of the skin barrier. Delivering mildness and performance out of clear & stable formulas is usually a challenge. The combination of Mackol® CAS-100/N and Mackam® CAB 818 enables a high-foam formulation. Jaguar® SOFT, a naturally-based polymer, improves the foam  stability and elasticity, making it creamier during application.

Mackol® CAS-100/N and Mackam® CAB 818 high foam formulation chart


Greater skin after-feel and wet sensation

Jaguar® SOFT Bio-based conditioning polymer for personal care solutions



Jaguar® SOFT, a naturally-derived conditioning polymer 





  • Conditioning agent

  • Foam booster

  • Viscosity modifier

  • Softening agent

  • Soft feel 

  • Moisturization

  • Creamy texture

  • Natural origin

  • Liquid hand soaps

  • Body wash and cleansers

  • Baby formulations

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