Additive Manufacturing

KetaSpire® PEEK Filament for 3D Printing offers exceptional fatigue and chemical resistance and retains its excellent mechanical properties at continuous-use temperatures up to 240°C (464°F). KetaSpire® Carbon-Filled PEEK Filament with 10% carbon fiber reinforcement is also available and offers increased strength over unfilled PEEK.

High Performance KetaSpire® PEEK Filament for Medical

KetaSpire® PEEK AM Filament NT1 HC provides long-term performance up to 240 °C, with exceptional chemical resistance, outstanding wear and abrasion resistance, ideal for use in high-performance Healthcare applications. These properties make it particularly suitable for metal replacement. Our filament, in combination with our recommended processing conditions, enables parts to be printed with low porosity, and exceptional inter-layer strength in all directions.

KetaSpire® PEEK AM Filament CF10 HC additionally incorporates 10% carbon fiber reinforcement into a PEEK matrix for increased strength and stiffness



Solvay's family of Ultra-Polymers offers aerospace engineers and designers an unprecedented selection of alternatives to metal and traditional plastics when developing components for next-generation aircraft.

KetaSpire® PEEK exhibits high specific strength and modulus, exceptional chemical resistance to aircraft fluids, and excellent creep and fatigue resistance while offering non-corrosive, eco-friendly, long-term reliability. These features allow for broader design options to maximize space constraints, lower assembly costs, lower operational costs, lower maintenance costs, and improve safety. KetaSpire® PEEK can be fabricated using traditional polymer processing technologies.  

KetaSpire® PEEK is qualified by many aircraft manufacturers and tier suppliers. It can also be certified to relevant ASTM, MIL-P, and FAA standards.




Automotive engineers face tough challenges when attempting to comply with today’s global emission regulations and enabling CO2 reduction through more efficient engine and drivetrain technologies. One solution is the introduction of highly downsized turbocharged engines, which have higher ambient and operating temperatures.

Spire® Ultra-Polymers, including KetaSpire® PEEK, offers automotive engineers an unprecedented selection of strong, lightweight alternatives to metal and traditional plastics, like PPS, that meet next-generation thermal, friction, and wear requirements. KetaSpire® PEEK friction and wear grades can be used in sealing and bearing components.

Benefits of metal replacements: corrosion-free, improved fuel efficiency, parts consolidation to lower costs, noise and vibration dampening, excellent resistance to automotive fluids, molded net shapes eliminate secondary operations, abrasion and corrosion resistance, high-temperature wear resistance

KetaSpire® PEEK gives engineers more options to find the best material for the job making it easier to find the right combination of mechanical, thermal and tribological properties, along with excellent chemical resistance to automotive fluids.




KetaSpire® PEEK and AvaSpire® PAEK are part of Solvay’s broad portfolio of high-performance healthcare plastics. Both products are used in applications with body/tissue exposure of up to 30 days. Key applications also include instrumentations and components that must withstand repeated exposure to sterilization as well as hospital cleaners and disinfectants. 

Typical applications: instruments; sterilization cases and trays; operating room equipment; diagnostic equipment; reusable medical devices.



Oil & Gas


Global energy demands continue to increase, prompting oil companies to move toward deeper drilling and deepwater offshore reserves. These areas involve high pressures (50 kpsi), high temperatures (300°C/572°F), abrasive fluids, saltwater and other conditions that destroy most metals and challenge many plastics.

When cost, down-time, and rig personnel safety are at stake, choosing the right material for the job is critical. KetaSpire® PEEK is designed to thrive in these extreme environments. Along with KetaSpire® PEEK, Solvay offers ultra and high-performance polymers that contribute to arriving at optimal designs for long lasting components.

Typical applications: compressor rings, plates, pipes and tubing; seals and back-up seal rings; electrical connectors and components; pipes and tubing for risers and umbilicals; labyrinth seals; bearings; bushings; wear tapes; wire & cable.




Thanks to its properties, KetaSpire® PEEK is used extensively throughout the semiconductor industry, especially where high-temperature processing is required. It is dimensionally stable at high and low temperatures, and is not affected by harsh chemicals, strong acids, or solvents. KetaSpire® PEEK is also renowned for its exceptional purity from the standpoints of residual ion contamination and outgas resistance, two key enablers for the successful use of plastics in semicon applications.

KetaSpire® PEEK is particularly suited to replace metal parts for wafer handling, bearing surfaces, processing vessels, parts carriers, and IC test equipment sockets & handlers. 

Typical applications: semiconductor fabrication and testing; CMP rings; wafer carriers; etch rings; pins and fasteners; in-process trays and transport media.