Lavanta® HPP (high-performance polyesters) deliver higher heat resistance, greater light stability, and longer life than competitive materials used for LED TV applications.

The growing trend among TV manufacturers is to reduce cost by using fewer LEDs and higher amperage. This results in greater brightness and significantly higher junction temperatures that are above 100°C (212°F).

Lavanta® HPP polyesters provide higher heat resistance and better light stability than previously used materials, which discolor prematurely in applications such as reflector cups.

Lavanta® HPP is also suited for LEDs used in general lighting for indoor and outdoor applications. 

Surface Mount LED Grade

Lavanta® 5115 WH 011 is a 15% glass fiber reinforced injection molding compound developed specifically for surface mount LEDs.

This high-heat polymer delivers over 95% reflectivity and has excellent whiteness retention after thermal and light aging, making it ideally suited for LEDs that operate at high junction temperatures.

Lavanta® 5115 WH 011 can fill very thin-walled sections required for low-profile, side-view LEDs and offers low warpage and exceptional weld-line strength.