A sustainable phosphate-ester with outstanding defoaming

Solvay offers a complete range of phosphate-esters providing anti-wear performance, and corrosion and staining inhibition for all kinds of metalworking formulations. Lubrhophos® LF800 is a newly developed phosphate-ester, with the following benefits:


  1. Not eco-toxic
  2. Readily biodegradable
  3. Based on commonly and globally available raw materials

Improved Performances

  1. Excellent emulsion stability
  2. Outstanding defoaming
  3. Limited soap formation in hard water


  • Limited soap formation
Solvay - Lubrhophos LF800 - Limited soap formation
  • Good anti-wear performance with Lubrhophos® LF800
Solvay - Lubrhophos LF800 - Ani-wear performance
  • Lubrhophos® LF800 versus Cetyl Oleyl phosphate-ester
Solvay - Lubrhophos LF800 - versus phosphate-ester