A sustainable phosphate-ester with outstanding defoaming

Solvay offers a complete range of phosphate-esters providing anti-wear performance, and corrosion and staining inhibition for all kinds of metalworking formulations. Lubrhophos® LF800 is a newly developed phosphate-ester, with the following benefits:



  1. Not eco-toxic
  2. Readily biodegradable
  3. Based on commonly and globally available raw materials


Improved Performances vs Cetyl oleyl phosphate ester

  1. Excellent emulsion stability
  2. Outstanding defoaming
  3. Limited soap formation in hard water


  • Limited soap formation, good antiwear & excellent defoaming performance
Lubrhophos® LF800 - Improved Performances vs Cetyl oleyl phosphate ester
  • Lubrhophos® LF800 has a better environmental profile
Lubrhophos® LF800 - Better environmental profile vs Cetel Oleyl Phosphate Ester