For more sustainable skin and sun care!

With 100% vegetable origin and COSMOS certification, Mackaderm® LIA addresses consumer concerns about sustainability, while contributing to making the whole sensorial experience of more pleasurable.

Mackaderm® LIA is a light emollient characterized by excellent spreadability and non-greasy skin feel.  It helps eliminate or lessen the tackiness of waxy and oily ingredients making it an excellent choice for skin care, sun care and color cosmetics formulations.  It is also a good vehicle for dispersing pigments and UV filters, and as an alternative to silicones in silicone-free skin care formulations.


1. Mackaderm® LIA helps in reducing the tackiness of heavy emollients.

Petrolatum is known to have a sticky skin feel.  In this test, a cotton ball is pressed on a standard amount of petrolatum (benchmark) or on a mixture of petrolatum and the test emollient (1:1 ratio).  A standard weight (0.5kg) was placed on top of the cotton ball for 1 minute and then removed. The cotton ball is then lifted out. The amount of cotton stuck on the test sample indicates the degree of stickiness of that sample relative to pure petrolatum.

Mackaderm LIA 1


2. Mackaderm® LIA solubilizes crystalline organic UV filters

Mackaderm LIA 2


Even more, Mackaderm® LIA demonstrates good wetting properties, making it suitable for sunscreens and other pigment-containing formulations. 

Mackaderm LIA 3


Overall sensory of the two test formulations are very similar, however formulation with Mackaderm® LIA feels slightly less watery during rub-in, providing a bit more body to the emulsion.

Making Mackaderm® LIA an excellent natural alternative to replace silicone in skin care formulations


Benefits & Features

  • Natural silicone alternative
  • Light, non-greasy skin feel
  • High spreading
  • Eliminates tackiness of other ingredients
  • Good dispersion of pigments and UV filters
  • Cosmos certified natural; 100% vegetable origin

Consumer needs & Application

  • Skin care lotions and creams
  • Skin serums & masks
  • Sunscreens