Miracare® SLB products are innovative surfactant blends that form liquid crystal structures in cleansing formulations.

These Structured Surfactant Liquid systems have a unique rheology profile that provides aesthetically pleasing textures and enables the suspension of insoluble oils and particles. Miracare® SLB allows formulators to develop cleansing products that deliver breakthrough performance in combination with an exceptional in-use experience:

Features & Benefits

  •  Rich foam
  •  Unique texture
  •  Long-lasting moisturization
  •  Excellent hair & skin conditioning
  •  Enhanced scent experience


Miracare SLB is a unique structuration enabling to:

  •  Stabilize high levels of conditioning oils
  •  Incorporate high levels of fragrance and essential oils
  •  Suspend high density particles such as mica, pigments,
  •  Zinc pyrithione, selenium sulfide
  •  Incorporate high molecular weight polymers


Miracare SLB: delivering formulation flexibility

  •  Cold processable concentrate
  •  Texture ranging from a lotion-like fluid to a high
  •  viscosity cream
  •  Dense and rich foam, even in the presence of oil
  •  Compatibility and enhanced performance with
  •  Cationic ingredients (surfactants, polymers...)



Miracare® SLB is ideal for use in formulating: 

  •   Body washes 
  •   Liquid hand soaps  
  •   Shampoos"

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