A Versatile Cleansing System that Delivers on Gentleness & Sensorial Experience 

Solvay offers Miracare® SOFT 313, an innovative sulfate-free and ethylene oxide-free performance concentrate which provides the benefits and convenience of a complete surfactant system. Optimized to deliver superior cleansing, while prioritizing gentleness on skin, this new complex generates luxurious foam and others an exceptional sensorial experience, which leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth.  

Differentiated textures and effect (heat, cold, slimy, bubbly) are a way to surprise the consumer and keep them trying new concepts!

Miracare® SOFT 313 is based on Sodium Cocoyl glycinate which derives from glycine, the simplest & widespread amino acid essential to all living processes. Once combined with two carefully chosen specialty amphoterics technologies, i.e. hydroxysultaine and amphoacetate, and with lauric acid, superior mildness is achieved but not at the expense of foaming, with a dense, luxurious foam.

A Proven Efficacy in Gentleness, and Unique Sensorial Attributes

Key Benefits of the Miracare® SOFT 313

For consumers:

  • Delivers sought after skin benefits
  • Prevention of dryness
  • Eco-conscious Body Wash 
  • Sulfate-free solution




  • Milder than a conventional SLES/CAPB chassis
  • Nice skin after-feel thanks to the Glycinate technology
  • Superior flash-foam & foam volume

Consumer Applications:

  • Body Wash products
  • Body Scrub
  • Moisturizing creams 
  • Hair care products

Miracare Soft 313 Flyer