The Sulfate-free Next-Generation for Hair Care Formulations

As damaged hair are growing, gentle cleansing, mildness and respectful formulations claims have never been this strong. Regular use of sulfates can cause long-term damage to the hair. To answer that need, the aim of this technology is to develop new “sulfate free” formulations. The mostly sulfates used act as foaming and cleansing agents, making them really challenging to replace while keeping the same performances: cost of goods, thickening, foam flash, volume & quality, chassis complexity.

Our offer to consumers, Miracare® SOFT S525

  • Top mildness

  • Flexible foam & hair feel

  • Thickening With Salt

  • Adaptable conditioning of hair with different cationic Jaguar®

A toolbox with broad, unrivaled FLEXIBILITY

To create a shampoo, Miracare® SOFT S-525 needs to be combined with an anionic. It offers a flexible solution for sulfate-free formulations and as such, manufacturers can use it to create their own products for any hair type, and in formulations that can be transparent, opaque, oily, etc.