The Standard for Purity, ultra Mildness and Performance of Amphoacetate Surfactants

Miranol® Ultra L-32 use high purity preservative free amphoteric surfactant which provides rich foam, low irritancy. It is a perfect solution for baby shampoo or body wash in addition it exhibits synergies with cationic guar to enhance deposition of actives. Miranol® Ultra L-32 is a COSMOS certified and could be used in high natural content formulations.

Excellent Viscosity Building

Miranol® Ultra surfactants are the best amphoacetates in building viscosity in combination with anionic surfactants, even without salt addition. Formulations with Miranol® Ultra require less amount of salt to reach desired viscosities, compared to those with betaines and glucosides. A beneficial consequence of lower total salt is improved mildness of the formulation

Delivers High Foam Volume, Improved Foam Quality & Stability

Miranol® Ultra produces foam that is more homogeneous, containing smaller, more closely packed bubbles. This translates into high density, long lasting foams that are perceivably richer and creamier than foams produced by conventional amphoteric surfactants.



Delivers Active Materials to Hair and Skin

Delivers Active Materials to Hair and Skin When formulated as a co-surfactant in shampoos and personal cleansers, Miranol® Ultra actually enhances product performance by increasing the delivery of active materials to the hair and/or skin. Replacing a portion of alkyl glucoside significantly boosts the deposition of actives in hair. Our studies also show that replacing betaine with Miranol® Ultra significantly improves conditioning performance of shampoo formulations at the same conditioning active level.

Silicone Deposition


Optimum Mildness and Reduction of Irritation

Potential Mildness is a quality Miranol® Ultra shares with other imidazoline-derived amphoterics through the amino acid component of its structure, which is highly compatible with human skin. Our studies show that Miranol® Ultra significantly reduces the irritation potential of anionic surfactants.


Consumer Benefits

  • Delivers active material to hair & skin
  • Vegetable derived
  • Environmental friendly


  • Improved foam quality & stability
  • Excellent Viscosity Building
  • Enhanced mildness
  • Increased silicone deposition

Consumer Applications

  • Mild cleansing formulations ( baby care, facial care and sensitive skin care.)
  • All body & hair cleansing products ( shampoos, face and body washes, hand washes.)