In our busy life, time is precious and consumers are looking for products that help in saving as much of it as possible. This is especially true with the growing demand for household cleaning products that make cleaning easier and quicker.

Mirapol® Surf-S and Mirapol® Surf N are a prized range of polymers that provide surface hydrophilization. Easily incorporated in formulations, they ensure quick, easy, effective and long-lasting cleaning. Mirapol® Surf applications can be find outside the house on whiteboards, lab benches and many other applications too. 


Features & Benefits

  • Long-lasting cleaning  
  • Fast drying with no spots 
  • Anti-fogging & water sheeting properties 
  • Efficient at low dosage 



  • Hard surface cleaners 
  • Bathroom cleaners 
  • Kitchen cleaners 
  • All-Purpose cleaners 
  • Automatic Dish washing cleaners

Mirapol® Surf N European Brochure