High-performing Hydrophilization Technology for Acid Cleaners


What Consumer Needs Does It Answer?

  1. Protects pipes from future issues by preventing limescale encrustation
  2. Promotes easy and more powerful cleans for longer-lasting benefits.
  3. Exhibits "shield & slip" effect to protect your toilet bowl and slip-resistant surfaces against soil and grime
  4. Compatible with EU Eco-label for detergents and preservative-free
Mirapol® Surf-S 900 - Shine and Easy Cleaning Polymers


Shine and Easy Cleaning Polymers

Mirapol® Surf-S 900 protects hard surfaces such as ceramic, glass or stainless steel even after several cleaning cycles. This polymer is a powerful additive that offers convenient cleaning claims to your formulation. It offers long-lasting soil repellency, shine and anti-limescale encrustation benefits. Particularly suited to acidic formulations, it will power up your toilet bowl or bathroom cleaners with an easy cleaning solution.

In order to meet the growing consumer demand for safer ingredients, Solvay is proud to introduce Mirapol® Surf-S 900 as a safe preservative-free polymer that is compatible with the EU Eco-label, to extend its well-known Mirapol® Surf polymers range.


What Are The Main Attributes To Mirapol® Surf-S 900 ?

  1. Longer-lasting cleaning properties as this polymer remains adsorbed during rinses and protects the surface from soil adhesion over time.
  2. Prevents limescale build-up in your bathroom
  3. A biocide-free polymer for all hard surfaces

Mirapol® Surf-S 900 Is Resistant Even After 100 Rinsing Cycles

Mirapol® Surf-S 900 is resistant even after 100 rinsing cycles

A Biocide-Free Polymer for Continuous Soil Release and Easy Cleaning for All Hard Surfaces

New biocide-free polymer for continuous soil release and easy cleaning for all hard surfaces


Mirapol® Surf-S 900 - Shine & Easy Cleaning Polymers





  • Home Care
  • Protective agent
  • Hydrophilization agent
  • Soil release agent
  •  Long-lasting effect
  • Easy cleaning
  • Shine and radiance
  • Continuous cleaning
  • Protection against limescale preservative-free
  • Bathroom cleaner
  • Hard surface cleaner
  • Toilet cleaner

Not suitable for alkaline cleaners.